18 Again

We are not talking age here, folks.  Let me tell you how this came to be, though…

I am at Wal-Mart with my older daughter Thursday night.  It was just the two of us (since I had to keep her up until midnight for a sleep-deprived EEG Friday morning) and I decide I am going to try on some pants.  I grabbed a size 20 and a size 18, just in case.  In the dressing room, I look at my daughter and ask her which one I should try on first.  She said, “The smaller one Mommy because I know it will fit.”  (Have to love that kind of support!)

So, I did…and they did!  I was *so* happy I started dancing right there in the middle of the dressing room singing a little ditty.  The lady outside the dressing room had to think I was absolutely nuts.  Little did she know the situation was going to get even more strange…

I walk out of the dressing room and proceed to ask the lady if the jeans look bad on me.  “You know, like you would look at me and think I must be crazy for trying to wear *those* jeans outside of the house.”  I was expecting her to pretty much just ignore me, but that is not what happened at all.  She came back with, “Can you squat?”  So, I did.  “Can you bend over?”  So, I did.  “They look just fine to me and, obviously, they aren’t too tight.  I say go for it.”  She still has this semi-confused look on her face as to why I would be so excited about jeans…and why I would ask her to judge what they look like on me.  I explained my situation and then she was like, “Oh!  Well, congrats!  You look great in those jeans.”

What a great feeling.  Really.  So, I left Wal-Mart with a pair of size-18 jeans in tow.  I was *so* happy!  I wore those jeans to my graduation party last night…and, again, I was *so* happy!  I still have a hard time wrapping my head around this all.  Six and a half months ago I was a size 28.  Today I can very comfortably wear a size 18.  Who knew?!

Of course…this means I crossed that one of my list of goals, too!

What goal have you met recently?  Which one are you working toward right now?


5 responses to “18 Again

  1. So Awesome!!! 🙂 I have to share that I had to get another pair of jeans because my 22’s had holes in them. I saw a pair I loved but they only had a pair of 24’s which were way too big. So, I asked if they could check a different store. They said the store in the next town had a 20..I asked if they could hold them. The whole way there I was mentally preparing myself that if they didn’t fit I could use them as a goal to hopefully be in soon….well I got to the store. Went to the dressing room…and low and behold they fit!!! It was such a nice feeling! I love the feeling of being able to go down in pants! 🙂

    • That is seriously exciting, Charity! I am so happy for you…and I hope you allowed yourself a little celebratory dance in the dressing room after you pulled those suckers up! 😉


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