I decided to list my goals (in no specific order) on a separate page so they are easily accessible…and so that I can keep track and check things off as I meet them.

1. 299 pounds
2. 275 pounds
3. Play with my chicklets without becoming winded.
4. 262 pounds
5. 250 pounds
6. Have a flat back – without rolls
7. Wear a size 18
8. Wear a size 16
9. 225 pounds
10. 215 pounds (100 pounds lost)
11. Sit comfortably in the bathtub.
12. Wear a size 14
13. 199 pounds (One-derland)
14. 190 pounds
15. Do something athletic. (Walked in the 5K)
16. Do planks on the floor
17. Do the ab dipper machine with straight legs
18. Go dancing – in public (went to a club with some friends)
19. Take a group class at the gym
20. Go hiking (because I miss it terribly)
21. Ride a roller coaster at Kings Island (we have passes this year! 2013)
22. 185 (goal weight)
23. Trust myself
24. Jump Rope (successfully) – this is something I may never be able to accomplish because of my knees – I’m leaving it, though, because you just never know.  🙂
25. *Run* in a 5K – this is something I may never be able to accomplish because of my knees – I’m leaving it, though, because you just never know.  🙂
26. Accept myself (my body)
27. Do a successful military push-up
28. Successfully hold the crane pose (without having to fall out of the position)
29. Complete a specialty race (such as Tough Mudder, Mud Ninja, or the Color Race) (power-walked the Cincy Color Run on June 29, 2013)
30. Earn my personal training certification (Certified as of May 29, 2013)
31. 175 pounds
32. Wear a size 12
33. Wear a size 10
34. Body fat percentage of 20%

I may very well add more goals to this list as I come up with them.  As you can see not all of them are based solely on numbers.  While I do find the numbers important (obviously), I would rather focus on daily life and functionality…I am changing my *life,* not just my body.

14 responses to “GOALS

  1. You’re making great progress in very short time! congratulations.

    Kindest regards,

  2. I think it’s awesome that you have a separate page for your goals! It’s a great way to stay motivated!!!


    • Bree,
      Yeah, I had seen other bloggers doing that with their goals and it made sense to me. I wanted easy access to my goals so that I could look at them often. Keeping all those goals at the forefront of my mind keeps everything on track…and it makes it much simpler when I want to go cross something off. 🙂


  3. I hope you don’t mind me copying this idea. I would like to do a goal page on my blog as well.:) It’s such a good idea. And, it would be where I could go to it often to look at.

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  7. Hmmm…I think I really need “goals” page too!

    • I must admit I love my goals page. I visit often for motivation and guidance as to what goal I am the closest to reaching. It always give me an extra little “push” in the right direction…and with so many goals on there, I am constantly working toward something. 🙂


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  9. I love the progress you’ve made! As a mom who is totally into health and fitness, you are giving your children the greatest gift-you and being surrounded by a healthy lifestyle! Keep on doing what you’re doing!

    • My new lifestyle has certainly sparked something in my older daughter (who is 7). She works out with me here at home and loves doing jack knives and pikes on the stability ball. Actually, just yesterday she told me she wants to be a personal trainer and Zumba instructor when she grows up. She wants to help people get healthy…just like the people helping me. 🙂 I thought that was super sweet of her.


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