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Ten Reasons To Keep The Fat Away

A fellow blogger friend of mine, Andie, posted her top 10 reasons to stay on track.  Ten Reasons To Not Go Back.

I only read the beginning part of her post (so far).  I stopped right as I was creeping up on her ten reasons because I thought to myself, “I should do that.  I should write a list of reasons why I will *never* let myself go back to my previous lifestyle.”  So, after I compile my list, I will go back and read hers.  I just did not want her reasons to leak into mine (if that makes any sense what-so-ever).

So, here are my top 10 reasons to keep the fat away:

1. I physically feel better and have far more energy.  This leaks into all aspects of my life…even my garden is doing better this year than ever before!  I have more energy to weed and water more often, which will save me money in the long run when I am able to harvest all those yummy veggies.

2. My chicklets are so proud of me (especially my older daughter) and it feels good to know that.  My older daughter tells me all the time how great I look and how happy she is now.

3. I am setting myself up for a longer, healthier, more enjoyable life with my chicklets (and eventually grandchildren).  I never want to become a burden to my children because I am so unhealthy that I cannot possibly take care of myself.

4. My lower back *never* hurts anymore.  When I was over 300 pounds, my back constantly hurt…even when laying down.  Comfort and sleep were nearly impossible.

5. I like the idea of being able to shop for clothes just about anywhere.  Although, the clothing sizes frustrate the begeebies out of me, I can wear *lots* more things than I was able to before.  For the most part, I actually fit into just regular large T-shirts.

6. I enjoy being physically fit.  I like the idea of being able to do physical activity…and sometimes being able to do more than someone else.  That might make me sound shallow or possibly conceited, but I really do not intend it to sound that way.  It does make me feel good when I can last longer than someone else, or lift more weight, or do more reps, etc.  Gives a little boost to my confidence.

7. I love all the new people in my life.  People that I now have something in common with: a love of and appreciation for fitness.  If I decided (for some strange reason) to stop working out, I would miss out on time with Denise, Aaron, Dorsey, Crystal, Mike, Ciara, Ketrell, and lots more people.  Not to mention that the thought of an angry mob coming after me does not sound appealing.  They would not allow me to just “give up” after the progress I have made (and that makes me happy).

8. I am a better role model for my chicklets.  I strive in all areas of life to be the very best mother I can be…to provide my daughters with a well-rounded foundation.  Health and fitness was one area I was failing miserably in before.  Since I have improved *my* health, our life together has changed.  My seven-year-old now knows how to read nutrition labels and search for ingredients on products.  She knows more about the proper composition of a healthy meal (and serving sizes).  My younger daughter will certainly pick these things up as she gets older, too.  I am working to prevent my chicklets from ever struggling with their weight.  I am breaking the cycle.  They will pass these important things on to their children, who will then not have to struggle with their weight.  This is a very good thing!

9. I still have goals to meet.  I have come far from my beginning, but I still have goals…and lots of them.  I still want to *run* a 5K.  I still want to lose more weight.  I still want to complete a specialty race (such as Tough Mudder or Mud Ninja).  I want to prove to myself that I *can* do these things.

10. Embarrassment sucks.  How embarrassing would it be to lose over 100 pounds and then gain it back?!  Terribly embarrassing.  That is something that would be totally unacceptable.

There are plenty more reasons why I would never let myself revert back to my previous life.  The benefits of good health are endless.

What are *your* reasons for changing your life?  What are *your* reasons to never let yourself “go back?”


Weigh Day (week forty-six)

Sheesh – weigh day again.  Already.  I seriously meant to post other things this week and time just kept on flying by.  Next week is vacation (and I am truly excited about that), so I know my weigh day post will be late.  My chicklets and I will be back in town Monday evening (the 4th), so look for weigh day post probably Tuesday morning.

Here is something interesting (to me and maybe to a handful of you)…I have actually contemplated bringing my scale with me on vacation.  Honestly, the idea of not weighing for several days in a row makes me feel anxious.  Also, I am not sure I could be as understanding with myself as Shonnie was with herself after her hiatus in Alaska.  I admire her strength and her trust in herself.  Those are things I still struggle with…on a regular basis.  So, it is very likely I will be packing up the scale.  When you go on vacation, does the scale travel with you?

Here is another something interesting:

Denise’s Survivor Bootcamp (Saturday, May 26th)

 This picture.  I have stared at this picture lots since Denise posted it on Facebook.  Why?  Well, because I find it interesting.  Interesting to see myself (my body) in comparison with others.  Typically I am the one *giant* person standing out in any photo.  When looking at pictures I usually think, “Thin, thin, thin, GIANT!  God, I look like I ate an extra person before they took my picture!”  Here I am, though, in this picture with all these normal people, and I do not look like I am *that* much bigger than any one of them.  I look pretty normal here.  So, why can I not *feel* normal?!  Sigh.

I bought clothes this week.  That was more than a little frustrating.  When I tried on jeans just a couple weeks back at Wal-Mart I fit into a regular size 14.  However, when I switched brands at a different store, guess what?  Size 14, size 15, and size 16 were all tight.  Some of them I could not even get up over my thighs and booty.  The jeans I ended up buying were a size 18, and they were still a little more snug than I would prefer.  Oh well, right?  I tried on some 18s from Old Navy and they were huge on me…so huge that a belt would not have even helped that situation.  Why do clothing manufacturers have to make this so difficult?!

Anyway, I had a fairly busy week.  I did some strength training with Denise on Wednesday, which was fun.  I have not been lifting as much recently (probably over the last two months, really) as I once was.  I definitely need to add more strength training back into my routines.  I spent majority of yesterday at Coney Island (pool…swimming…ick) after an excellent bootcamp in the morning.  This week will hopefully bring some power yoga my way…something I wish I had *lots* more of on a regular basis.

So, as for my weigh in…


Yup, down exactly one pound this week.  I expected as much after last week’s unexpectedly huge loss.  That is quite alright, though, another pound is another pound gone, right?  I will get there…slow and steady wins the race (my seven-year-old tells me that all the time…especially in weeks where the numbers are crawling).

As I promised last week, I do have other posts in the works.  I *will* get to them this week.  I *will* make them a priority.


Weigh Day (week forty-five)

What an unexpected kind of week…in the best possible way, no less!  My week has been fairly busy, but not too busy.  I ended up taking Tuesday off of the gym because of a later appointment with my therapist.  I felt bad about it at first, but decided my muscles could probably use the unscheduled break anyway.

As for the rest of my week:

Sunday – lazy day

Monday – 30 mins w/ Neil (13,203)

Tuesday – lazy day (10,121)

Wednesday – 35 mins w/ Denise (10,683)

Thursday – bootcamp w/ Denise (20,358)

Friday – Relay for Life (16,928)

Saturday – bootcamp w/ Denise (16,480)

I forgot to tell you all about this fitness/endurance test Denise had me complete last week.  It consists of 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and 100 kettlebell swings.  You do continuous work until you complete all four exercises.  Your “score” is just your time.  I completed all 400 reps in 12 minutes 58 seconds.  It felt a *lot* longer than that to me when I was actually doing the work, though.  Of course, looking back, I wish I would not have stopped in between all them for water.  My time would have easily been 10 to 20 seconds faster without those breaks.  Oh well.

Friday night my chicklets and I walked in the Relay for Life.  My father died of lung cancer on May 16, 2010.  My older daughter, who is seven, spoke to other adults as if she were already grown and advocating this cause.  That little girl is going to be someone very special when she is grown.

Alright, onto weigh in, right?

Do you remember last week when I said I hoped to weigh in at 210.6 or less this week?  Well,  I was in for a serious surprise because here is what the scale beamed back at me today:


That is 3.2 pounds down – in one week (and 106 total)!!!  I cannot believe that!  I have not lost that much in a week in a *very long* time!  Apparently I need to be setting weekly weigh in goals so that I can surpass them!

I am inching ever so close to being under 200 pounds, and I can feel the excitement building!  This is going to be monumental – seriously.  With just under two weeks until June 1st, I know I will not quite make it before then.  However, I think I will be quite close…and I am certain I will be under 200 sometime in June!  Excellent!

1 week; 5 days
9.2 pounds

I have some other posts coming up hopefully later today or tomorrow…

How was your week?  How can you improve this upcoming week?


Weigh Day (week forty-four)

I am feeling a bit drained today…actually the past week or so I have been feeling slow.  I am not really sure what exactly is going on.  Maybe I am just in some sort of mental slump.  Working out continues to be a top priority, so I know it is not for lack of movement.  Progress is still coming…ever so slowly, but I really cannot complain.

Weeks that bring lower losses (like this one) really force me to think about things in other ways.  That might have something to do with my sorta blue mood.  Maybe.  I went to Wal-Mart the other day to try on jeans (something I do about once a month).  I never go with the intention of buying clothes, I just want to see where I am.  I took a size 14 and a size 16 jeans in the changing room with me.  I decided to be brave and start with the smaller of the two.  A size 14.  A regular 14, I should mention…without the dreaded ‘W’ beside it.  Lo and behold – they fit!  A regular old size 14 jeans fit my body.  Now, they were a little too snug for me to wear them…simply because I do not like my clothes that tight (although I have seen other women in clothes far tighter).

So, why no celebration?  Why no big “I’m a size 14” post?  Well, I do not feel much like celebrating that.  Strange, right?  The problem is when I set out on this journey (at over 300 pounds), I told myself I would be ecstatic to be a size 16 again.  A regular 16.  I thought I would *have* to feel good about myself at that size because a size 16 is no longer fat.  Here I am, though, 10 months later in a size smaller than said 16.  I still feel fat.  I still see a fat girl staring back in the mirror.  Why is that?  The girls working the fitting rooms at Wal-Mart helped me figure out that from a size 28W to a regular 14 (no ‘W’) is 11 sizes.  Eleven whole sizes smaller…and I still feel fat.  Sigh.

I am starting to wonder if I am just destined to feel fat, to see that fat girl in the mirror, forever.  It is similar to being haunted, I would suppose.

Uck.  So, now that I have successfully pulled everyone else down into this funky blue mood with me…let us move to my weigh in, shall we?


That is down from last week…although not very much.  Less than a pound, in fact.  I must admit that I am not all that happy with that…not that I am fully disappointed or angry.  I am just not thrilled and jumping up and down.  Twenty-seven plus pounds still need to be lost here, so why such the dramatic slow down?

I have a plan for the upcoming week.  I need to shake things up on the food front.  I also need to push extra hard this week in the gym.  Lots of cardio, and hopefully some power yoga Monday night with Aaron and Denise.  My goal is to weigh in at 210.6 or less next Sunday (which would be down 1.6 from today).  Here’s to another week of hard work and dedication…

How did your week turn out?  How are you planning to make this week better?


Weigh Day (week forty-three)

Holy moly, folks!  This weekend slipped right away from me without any kind of warning!  This, of course, is the late edition of weigh day.  Sorry about that!

I have big news from the previous week:

I was discharged from physical therapy!  They measured my knee cap for progress and…it does not track incorrectly anymore!  They were astonished.  Really.  One girl measured me…and then measured again.  Stood there staring at me…measured again.  Said, “Okay.  I must be doing something wrong here.  How did you measure her before?”  Cue the other gal (who originally measured me) to come over and measure me.  Both girls measured exactly the same way.  Both girls stood staring at me, confused, after measuring me.  Just about eight weeks ago that knee cap was moving laterally (horizontally) more than half an inch when I flexed my quad.  And now nothing.  It stayed completely put (which, of course, is what we want)…they were not expecting that.  This is *huge* for me, although I am still not cleared for running and jumping.  I have to get that clearance from the doc on Friday (which I doubt will happen because the knee is still killing me from the damage that was already sustained and the arthritis).

Here is how the rest of the week looked:

Sunday – relaxation day

Monday – dinner with my bestie in the whole wide world, Leslie

Tuesday – 30 mins of spin

Wednesday – legs and arms (party day at the gym – sorry no pics!) (12,153 steps)

Thursday – 1.5 hours of bootcamp with Denise (12,984)

Friday – physical therapy; 15 mins of spin; 20 mins of stairs with Chris (21,103 steps)

Saturday – 1.5 hour bootcamp with Denise; gardening (13,279)

Sunday – relaxation day (11,565)

The celebration Wednesday went well, and I was so glad it was quicker than I had imagined.  I doubt I have ever had reason to mention it here, but I am horribly socially awkward when a room full of people are staring at me.  It is so bad, in fact, that the situation becomes painful for the crowd as well as myself.  People can usually pick up the tension in my pale face and sweaty upper lip…yeah, I am not even good at hiding that fear/awkwardness.  Thank goodness I was not required to speak…and thank goodness all the people who said they were coming did not show up (only about half made it).  Denise was cracking up because she has never seen that side of me, and it thoroughly confused her.  She teased me a little both Thursday and Saturday when I seen her at bootcamp.  🙂

As for weigh in…things are still moving in the direction I want:


That is one pound down from last week.  Not going to lie…wish it were more…but I am not disappointed or anything.  How could I be knowing that brings me to a total of 102 pounds lost?!  Right?  That also means I am *so very* close to being under 200 pounds…and I cannot wait!

3 weeks; 4 days
13.2 pounds
(I know this is unattainable at this point, but I am curious to see just how close I will get by June 1st.  So, I will keep this running until then.)

How was your week?  Was it everything you hoped it would be?  If not, how can you improve your upcoming week?