Weigh Day (week twenty-nine)

I must admit I was expecting this week’s loss considering my *huge* loss last week.  I am not necessarily disappointed, though, since I did mentally prepare myself to lose next to nothing.

This week’s weigh in showed: 239.2, which is exactly one pound down this week.  One pound.  This; however, does bump me over the 75-pound mark.  My total is 75.8 pounds lost in 29 weeks.

I am getting a little anxious to be measured again, though.  It has been four weeks since I was last measured at the gym, which means it will be coming up soon.  My guess is that during the weeks I lose very little weight, I am losing inches instead.  I am lifting weights at the gym, so I know I am gaining muscle and losing inches in the process.  Of course, I am fine with that.  I know some have decided not to do much with weights until after they lose the weight (because lifting weights does slow weight loss progression with the gaining of muscle), but I would rather just get it all done together.  Besides, I actually enjoy lifting weights.  Strange, I know.

On the walking/step-counting front, I have had some really good days…and some really stinky days.  I just cannot seem to stay consistent, which is going to have to change…soon.

Tuesday – 10,258
Wednesday – 9,530
Thursday – 13,274
Friday – 8,125
Saturday – 3,792 (*super* stinky)

27 days
14.2 pounds

How did your week turn out?  Are you happy with your current plan/path?


5 responses to “Weigh Day (week twenty-nine)

  1. A loss is a loss! And, I’m sure you’ve lost inches. You can see that in the pants pictures you posted recently. Oh, and my new gadget finally arrived yesterday. Of, course it’s been really busy around my house and at work. But, I’m going to try to get it set tonight and start counting my steps tomorrow. So, we’ll see where I’m at. 🙂 Thank you again! It’s pretty cool! 🙂

    • I know I must have lost inches since the last time I was measured (a little over four weeks ago), but the lower pound-loss weeks always get to me a little. I sometimes feel like I didn’t work hard enough (despite knowing I worked my butt off, you know?), like I should have done more, lifted more, gone longer, etc. Oh well…that is a mental battle I probably won’t win for a very long time. Just gotta keep truckin’ in the meantime. 🙂

      I’m *so* glad it *finally* arrived! I ended up mailing it twice (as you can probably tell with the two postage labels from two different dates) and I wondered if it would ever get to you! LOL – It is a pretty cool little gadget and I hope you find it helpful. 🙂


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