It Just Occurred To Me…

Despite nearly everyone else discussing the upcoming “gorge fest” holiday, I seem to have let it drift very far from my mind.  I suppose in some small corner of this crazy, disorganized subconscious of mine, I just assumed I would make “the usual” for Thanksgiving.  The problem?  There are so many!

First of all, the sheer quantity of food I usually prepare is astounding (and ridiculous for only five people).  So, that is something I must change this year.  Second, I usually load the table down with all sorts of carbs (mashed potatoes, stuffing, yeast rolls, cornbread, and more).  Most (if not all) of those things are on my “no-no” list.  Third, dessert is usually a main attraction at my house.  I. Love. Pumpkin. Pie. (with tons of whipped cream)

So, apparently, I need to develop a plan.  My family will be fine with the reduction in quantity (because they will not have a choice).  However, if I serve *no* stuffing, *no* potatoes, *no* rolls, and *no* dessert…I may not live to see another day.  Really.  What in the world do I do now?

I ran the idea of having mashed sweet potatoes (instead of the white potatoes) and I got the stare that said, “Is she really serious behind that face?  This has to be some sort of joke because she would *never* mess with the f*&$ing mashed potatoes.  Right?”  That, I suppose, is not going to fly.

Now that I am actively thinking about the upcoming holiday, I am entering a stage of panic.  What in the world am I to do?  Do any of you have suggestions for recipes that will not make my family murder me…but that I will be able to eat and enjoy?  Help!  (tee hee…but seriously)


9 responses to “It Just Occurred To Me…

  1. Yep – you mess with all kinds of emotions when you mess with a traditional menu. I freaked out one year when my mom didn’t serve peas, and I’m not even a big pea fan. I just always remembered peas at Thanksgiving. I’ve gotten over it …

    What about making a pumpkin custard or souffle – you still get the yummy pumpkin, and even whipped cream, but you miss out on the crust. Then, make a second dessert (if you need a second) like apple crumble with more apple than crumble. Again, no crust, but still satisfies the sweet tooth and the traditional apple pie spot. For mashed potatoes, use Greek yogurt instead of butter or buttermilk or cream to add creaminess. No one will know, and you aren’t obligated to disclose that fact. Buy a limited number of rolls – enough for everyone to have just one, or maybe enough for everyone but you to have one, so you get to be the hero for sacrificing and not having one. Can you get away with making a wild rice-based stuffing instead of a bread-based one? Or a cornbread stuffing instead of white bread, which then excuses you from also having cornbread straight up?

    Do what you need to do to maintain family harmony and not set yourself up for sabotaging your hard work. You can do it!

    • Yeah – my family is a “multi-dessert” kind of family. Before my dad passed, we had four or five (or even more) desserts to choose from each year…and both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Traditionally it was pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry pie, peanut butter fudge, and mounds bars (all homemade – from scratch – by me). I will have to find another (lighter) pumpkin dessert because I do, in fact, *love* pumpkin anything. Actually, I was surprised to learn today that my family will not miss the rolls, so I am good there. However, they did assure me that cornbread was still a must. 🙂 Maybe I can do the cornbread stuffing (kill two birds with one stone, so to speak)…I’ll have to research some recipes. A wild rice-based stuffing sounds delish…and I’m not sure I have ever had it. More researching.

      Thanks *so* much for the suggestions! I truly appreciate it! 😉

      • Hey Erica on the cornbread stuffing — I add wildrice and mushrooms to mind with turkey breast — it is a favorite now.

      • That sounds yummy, Shonnie! My mother won’t eat it if there are mushrooms in it…and my older daughter hates rice. (LOL) So, if I make that (which I am still considering) I will certainly need a small recipe. 🙂


  2. one option is to loudly announce switching to something completely different “This year all the dishes will be made only out of spinach and twig” Then when you back down to a cut down menu the look will be one of relieft.

    • That made me laugh out loud, J! Maybe I’ll start off with, “Everything is made of tofu and spinach…with a tofurkey as the main attraction!” That should give them a *serious* amount of relief when I bring out real food! LOL


  3. Oh Erica — I totally feel you girl! I have special foods that I always make and I have to make or my family just feels mistreated. I know at our optifast group they suggest when you can’t …. sorry I read J’s comment and almost busted a gut …. be away from the foods you partake of small portions so that you can enjoy the meal but make things that YOU can have as well so you get full. I know I have done that the last few years, this year I am going to suffer through on my diet plan–with WADS of family–there could be HUGE mindfields waiting for me when I get there.

    Wishing you the best on your new plans for the Holidays. It is going to be a tough one for me — hope yours is easier. 😀

    • J cracked me up as well! LOL

      I am lucky considering I am in charge of *all* cooking. No one else is showing up at my house with anything…other than a hungry tummy. So, at least I will know what is in everything, how it was prepared, and just how good/bad for me it is…and there will be no surprises. As you mentioned in your blog post about Thanksgiving, I am on a roll and refuse to let this one “special” meal side track my progress. I just will not allow it. So, I will be modifying and mentally preparing. I am on the hunt for a pumpkin dessert that only makes about 4 servings. I figure if there are 5 people and I only make 4 servings, each serving will be teeny…and there will be nothing left over to taunt me in the fridge over the course of the next week (like there usually is). Plus, two of the five people are my daughters (who are seven and three), so they really shouldn’t have a whole “adult” serving anyway. 🙂


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