Fitness {re}Evaluation 2

Last night was my six-week “check-up” with Denise.  Honestly, I was a little (okay more than a little…) nervous about getting measured.  For some bizarre (and totally incomprehensible) reason, I was actually afraid that my inches would *increase*…that somehow I would be fatter than six weeks ago.  Of course, I know that could not possibly be true because I had lost 12.6 pounds in that same time.  But…all that rational thinking did not overcome all that spastic obsessing.

So, when Denise busted out the measuring tape and my heart starting racing, I just kept my eyes closed until it was finished.  The results?  I have lost an additional eight inches in six weeks!  That brings my total inches lost to 48.75 (in a little over 18 weeks)!  I am quite impressed with myself (if I am allowed to say that without sounding egocentric)!
(Here’s my initial fitness re-evaluation.)

As if last night was not great enough after my “high” on numbers…Denise was showing me around some other parts of the gym.  (Parts I have only been looking at and never daring to step inside.)  My “normal” gym routine is pretty basic (okay, it is probably just plain basic), and a little boring.  So, Denise wanted to get me out of that little “circuit” I have been doing for weeks now (probably about six or seven weeks, to be exact).  I am excited to be doing new things…that shows progress in itself, right?

She brought me to this…contraption?…where you basically hang your lower half off and raise your legs (it works your core…similar to crunches).  Here it is:

Well, about 40 pounds ago I tried this “machine” and failed miserably.  I could not even hold myself up on it long enough to really even let my feet dangle.  You can imagine my hesitation when Denise lightheartedly said, “Go on, Erica.  Jump up there.”  I explained that I could not do it…I had tried previously…and I did not want to embarrass myself in the middle of the gym floor (I tried previously in the circuit room – far, far away from the dead center of the gym floor.).  She kept encouraging me, so I hopped up there and said something to the effect of: “Well, I guess I am glad that you believe in me…even when I don’t believe in myself.”  You know what?  I DID IT!  I did five “crunches” before the excitement just overtook me and I stood on the foot rails of the contraption doing my own personal celebratory dance while going, “Woot woot!  Go me!  I just did it!”  Yes, out loud in the middle of the gym floor.  Yes, people were staring.  And, no, I did not care.

My night was pretty awesome.  I was happy about the inches gone from body…now over four *feet* (which is still kind of blowing my mind).  I was happy about being able to accomplish something I was not able to a few short weeks ago.  I was happy to be out on the floor trying new things.  Excellent way to finish off my day.

Has anything exciting happened during your week?


9 responses to “Fitness {re}Evaluation 2

  1. Awesome! There should be more happy dancing in the middle of all gyms!

    • I *completely* agree! I am almost always laughing while I am working out…because I am always chatting with the people around me. Talking is something I cannot live without (tee hee), so I take every opportunity to be social while I am anywhere…and the gym is no exception. I have met some really great people at the gym, too (both staff and members).

      Although, there are those select few people who keep their ear buds in, heads down, and just sneak in and out without speaking a word to anyone. I have no problem with people like that either…some people just do not have desire/want/need for social time with their workouts. Those are usually the people giving me bizarre looks as I am belly-laughing out loud in the middle of the gym. 🙂


    • I agree with Andie. That is a big DEAL!

  2. Totally love that you just let it out right after completing the set! You can do WAY more physically than your mind tells you that you can! Way to go!

    • Yeah…I’m pretty “quirky” like that. I often laugh out loud in restaurants when everyone else is speaking like they are in the library. Life is too short to be quiet and reserved…I love having fun (and celebrating). So, if I feel *really* happy (like I did at that moment), I will certainly let it right out in front of everyone! 🙂


  3. Erica — WTG on the lost inches! That is amazing! Totally amazing 😀

    • I know…I just cannot believe I have lost that much body! The GM Personal Trainer, Dorsey, took my picture this week and is posting it up on this bulletin board in my gym. They give me such excitement and encouragement at Fitworks, really. I truly love it there…and I love that they are just excited about my loss as I am (okay, maybe not *as* much, but close – LOL). 🙂


  4. I just realized I don’t have any posts for your accomplishments on Butt Kicker’s Wall of fame. Would you mind picking the posts where you commented on your first 10 pounds, 20 pounds, and so on (if you didn’t comment pick some of your favorite posts to commerorate those accomplishments). I would like to get your stats up on the wall! 😀

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