Weigh Day (week nineteen)

Here we are…another edition of weigh day!  This week has been a busy (and exciting) one.  Wednesday I had my fit eval with Denise (with astouding results) and was given a new workout routine.  All this week I have been preparing (with my older daughter) for a craft fair.  We participated in the craft fair yesterday, and we had a great time (aside from having to get out of bed at 6:30 AM).  Then, of course, last night was the Holiday in Lights 5K!  My girlfriend, Leslie, walked with me to celebrate my loss…what a wonderful friend she is (I love you, Les!).

After all that…weigh in this morning.  So, without further ado…I weighed in at 261.6 this morning!  That is another 3.2 pounds lost this week (go me!) and a total of 53.4 pounds!  I cannot find the words to tell you how truly excited I am.  I am *so* close to the 250’s…and it has been about eight years since I have seen 25X on the scale!  The excitement is almost unbearable!

My next couple of goals are approaching:
1. I want to be at/below 250 by Christmas (35 days/11.6 pounds away)
2. I want to be at/below 225 by my birthday on 2/25 (can you see the significance there?) (97 days/36.6 pounds away)

I am fairly certain/confident I will hit 250 by Christmas.  That works out to be an average of about 2.3 pounds per week required to make that goal (totally doable).  My birthday goal works out to be around 2.6 pounds needed per week, which is still not totally impossible.  So, here’s to working my butt off…

How did your week go?


3 responses to “Weigh Day (week nineteen)

  1. Awesome progress. I’d love to do a night-time 5K.

    • It was beautiful, Andie. The weather was *perfect* and the lights were gorgeous. My girlfriend and I only wished we’d remembered to bring a camera! (Actually, I brought one and forgot it in my van…go figure!)


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