Walking…It’s Healthy

Walking is such a simple thing to do…nearly everyone can do it and there is really no “wrong way” to do it.  No experience necessary.  There have been countless articles on the benefits of walking, and I have come across many blog posts documenting the same thing.  Walking is plain old good for you.  Apparently, there is some research showing 10,000 steps is the “ultimate walking goal” for each day.

I can say with confidence (not that I am proud of it, but I know it is true) I rarely, if ever, meet 10,000 steps during the course of one day.  I am busy most days, but busy often means sitting in my office chair or with my daughter doing schoolwork.  Housework also factors into my “busy,” but I am not racking up steps while stationary at the sink washing dishes or folding laundry.

So, while I have not really adopted any resolutions, per se, I have decided that I am going to start striving for those 10,000 steps per day.  I know it will be a challenge…especially on non-gym days (which is three out of seven), but I am up for the challenge.  A while back I began a challenge…and then pooped out before I finished.  Of course, I am not proud of that either, but I found I was working so hard at the gym (with Denise’s help) that I was often too sore to add things on my “recovery” days (non-gym days).  Walking; however, is something else entirely…something that will {should} not cause soreness.

Now…just how will I count all those steps during my day?  A fancy new toy, of course.  I am usually not really into gadgets and whatnot, but how else am I going to figure out steps each day, right?

This pedometer is (apparently) pretty awesome.  Here is an excerpt about it:

With 2D Smart Sensor technology and large buttons for easy navigation, the Omron HJ-203PK GoSmart pocket pedometer with activity tracker logs good athletic behavior in a slim and discreet device. Users clip the tiny step counter onto clothes, toss it in a bag, or attach it to an unassuming Olympian. The device faithfully chronicles up to seven days of distances travelled, as well as calorie- and fat-burning progress, and the activity tracker mode keeps workout data separate from everyday marathons.

Its features include:

  • Pedometer and activity tracker has large buttons for easy navigation while crowd surfing
  • Comes with clip and strap
  • Logs steps, distance, and calories and fat burned
  • 2D Smart Sensor technology for accurate measurement
  • Long-lasting lithium battery
  • Stores up to seven days of workouts

Does that not sound so cool?!  I cannot wait to get my hands on that baby…or, I guess, get that baby on my hip would be more appropriate.  And what better way to start a new challenge than to have a friend doing it with you, right?  So, I bought two…one for me and one for you (one of you, anyway).  Am I awesome or what?

To have a shot at winning the pedometer all you have to do is subscribe to my blog and leave a comment here about your current walking habits.  Do you already strive for 10,000 steps each day?  Do you incorporate walking into your exercise habits regularly?  Do you choose walking over methods of travel (such as stairs vs. elevator/escalator or even parking farther away from the entrance of work/store)?

I will be closing the drawing on Sunday, January 8th at 5:00 PM Eastern.  The winner (chosen via Random.org) will be announced in my weigh in post that evening.  Good luck!


13 responses to “Walking…It’s Healthy

  1. You will LOVE having a pedometer – it turns everyday drudgery into mini-competitions. 🙂 I definitely find myself taking stairs, parking farther away, etc. to rack up points. I mean steps. I sometimes go to the bigger grocery store instead of the one I can just zip in and out of, even, so I can bump up my numbers, both because their parking lot is massive & always full AND because I once logged a mile inside the damn place (kept forgetting things on opposite ends of the store).

    • I like racking up “points” more than steps! 🙂 Logging a mile in the grocery store is pretty impressive, Andie. I just hope you did not have refrigerated or frozen items in your cart. LOL I’m excited to have a new toy (I mean tool) to help me out.


  2. How sweet of you! Don’t enter me… I have a gadget that I’m not using right now. Nor am I walking:( But it was motivating when I wore mine.

    • I am not really walking a lot right now either. Actually, what I plan to do is wear the pedometer for one day while doing my “normal” routine just to see what number I am working with starting out (and I am sure that will be a real shock to the system). Then I will work on adding the steps in from there.

      If you don’t mind me asking…what made you stop wearing your gadget?


  3. Hey Erica! I would love to win a pedometer. I bought one a couple of years ago, but it was cheap, and never worked right. I don’t know how to subscribe to you per se, but I have your blog on my blog roll so I can have easy access and check in with you. 🙂 I just posted my plan for this year to finally be the year I get my act together and get healthy! I have recently started walking around my building at work and going up and down the stairs. I put on Pandora on my phone and get some tunes that get me moving. I would love to have a way to record how much I’m walking outside and in the building. It was so sweet of you to purchase another pedometer to share with someone. I hope I can be your pedometer buddy. 🙂

    • That’s awesome that you’re walking around your building at work. I have often tried to get my mother to walk around the lake in front of her building on her breaks (especially when the weather is nice). The scenery is so beautiful (aside from the parking lot, of course), and what better way to clear work stress than to have an invigorating walk on break, right?


  4. I do things sort of like Andie–but I also walk around the house. A lot. Kind of strange, but it works. I’ll put in a DVD of sitcoms, and walk through a show or two. If you don’t have a dvd player you could just walk during commercials….it’s hard to get up off the chair. I know. I was doing 10k and maintaining my weight; when I got sedentary, I put on literally dozens of pounds in a few months. You have to keep active, and this is the easiest way.

    • I agree, Karen. It is extremely hard to get up off the couch/chair when watching television. I now find it almost impossible to sit through an entire show, though. I always want to get up and do something. So, I usually sit on the floor and stretch, do crunches, or leg lifts…or pretty much anything so that I still feel like I am “doing” something.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi Erica,
    So that would be my most needed gadget (sharing with my boyfriend) because I’ve never had one but I always -I mean it always- walk everywhere. From house ( even my college room) to uni and to shops and I always use stairs (that’s because I’m afraid of elevators :D). So then I’m really curious how many steps I do on an ordinary day! – don’t mentioning that we hardly use public transportation in any cities including mine (Budapest) but when we were in Cardiff, Brighton, Oxford….etc AND London ,too 😀 -Ok ,that’s funny ’cause we’re student so we can’t afford those highly priced buses/trains all the time and we can’t see the things we can catch by walk 😀 the only vehicle which worths the rentable bycicles here(I suggest it everyone to try it!)-I LOVE them cycling around the streets….hmm, just so incredibly fantastic ! 😀

    ps: well maybe you won’t count me in ’cause I’m INTernational reader, btw it was good to tell you my opinion and experience 🙂
    Good luck for your 10,000 steps :)!

    • You are certainly inspiring! Walking everywhere is something I would love to do…but the location I am in just does not really allow for it. The closest grocery is a little over a mile away, and I could not imagine shopping for five people if I had to carry it all back. 🙂

      I will certainly still count you in for the drawing, Love. So, good luck…and thanks so much for stopping by and sharing!


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