Let the Cravings Begin!

This is my least favorite part of any change in the foods I am “allowed” to eat.  Honestly, though, this part usually comes much earlier than week two.  So, obviously, I am doing something “right” this time around.  The odd thing (to me) is that I typically crave sweets (cake, brownie, cookie, candy, anything really sweet – and bad for you) but this time I am craving noodles.  Yes, I know, how strange, right?  Noodles.  What I really want is a plate of chow mei fun from this great little place down the street…and maybe a spring roll.  I know, of course, I should not eat that (nor will I) but it sure sounds delicious.

In an attempt to “quench” this craving without wrecking my day (or week) I went out and bought whole grain pasta.  I will prepare it later…actually maybe I will prepare that yummy mac-and-cheese I posted yesterday.  I know that is a far stretch from Chinese food, but maybe (hopefully) the pasta will make my noodle craving go away.

I just keep “cheerleading” in my head telling myself I can do this – I will do this!  I am anxious to see the number 2 in the front on this Sunday’s weigh in, and I am only half a pound away from that happening!

When you are making healthier food choices what do you crave?  How do you put the kibosh on those cravings?


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