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Pushups and Crunches

So, I was perusing some of my favorite blogs, and I came across this post.  This challenge intrigued me – a lot.  So much, in fact, that I am going to join the fun!

Here is more information:
100 Pushups
200 Crunches

I took the initial test for both today.  I did have to do the pushups on my knees because a “real” pushup just kills my back.  (I have a herniated disk in the lumbosacral spine)

My results:
22 pushups
67 crunches

I was surprised by how low my pushup count was.  I really thought I could easily do 30, but that just leaves *lots* of room for improvement.  I was equally surprised by how high my crunch count was.  I do not normally do that many crunches at once.  Typically I do rounds of 20 crunches.

My pushup count landed in the Rank 3 category, which apparently is pretty common (so I guess I should not feel so bad).  My crunch count landed me in the “very good” category (yeah me!).

I am going to do a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday routine.  That should work perfectly with my Monday, Wednesday, Friday gym routine (except that I meet my personal trainer on Thursdays, too).  I am really excited about this challenge, honestly.

I’ll let you know how my first day goes (tomorrow).