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Weigh Day (week thirty-four)

I must admit I have mixed feelings about this day.  Part of me is frustrated, and part of me is content.  Go figure.

This week was a busy gym week for me.  I worked out with Denise Sunday and Monday.  Tuesday brought just cardio (Neil Armstrong machine).  Wednesday was self defense class with Dorsey and a hefty arms/abs workout.  Thursday was Zumba, and Friday was me floating around the gym for two hours working my legs – in the limited ways I am able to.  So, Saturday (yesterday) was the only day I did not step foot into the gym.  I was expecting to see much better results on the scale.  Not so much.


That is a loss from last week – one pound.  Again.  What is up with that?  Here is what is really strange…  Last week when I wrote my weigh in on my chart at the gym, Denise noticed a little pattern:

Week 28 – 4.2 pounds lost
Week 29 – 1.0 pound lost
Week 30 – 1.0 pound lost
Week 31 – 2.0 pounds lost
Week 32 – 1.8 pounds lost
Week 33 – 4.2 pounds lost
Week 34 – 1.0 pound lost

Can you see it?  So, theoretically, I will only lose another one pound next week when I weigh in…if this pattern holds true.  Of course, I hope it does not.  Losing one pound during a week irritates me, honestly.  Especially during weeks like this where I know I have worked *hard* to lose more than that.  I do not even think it can be explained away with muscle either.  I only lifted weights one day this week (Wednesday).

I know I should not find this *that* frustrating.  It is certainly better than gaining anything on any week, which I know some of my blogger friends have that to deal with.  Despite thinking of it in that way, though, I am still bothered by it.  So, I will be back in the gym today (in less than one hour) working toward a more-than-one-pound loss next week.  Here’s to hoping…

12 weeks; 5 days
29.4 pounds