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Those Pants…and Me

November 20, 2011

Well, there they are…those pants.  My {former} favorite pants.  They were *so* comfy and I wore them any chance I got.

Today, of course, they are less than comfy.  They are certainly *not* my favorite pants anymore…and I will *never* wear them again (other than for this kind of purpose, of course).
This photo was taken one day shy of two months ago.  At that point I had lost 50 pounds and I was feeling pretty happy with my progress.  I will be honest, though, I am not sure I thought I would be sitting here two months later and nearly 25 pounds thinner than that moment.  I still find it crazy…really.  As of this morning I am down 73.4 pounds.  Which is wonderful, crazy, and probably the third most exciting thing that has ever happened to me (next to my two beautiful chicklets).
So, with that being said…and a little gentle hounding from some of my Facebook buddies, I decided I should probably take some new photos in those pants.  Just to see how different they look on me today.  Now, we all know I am a total weirdo… So, even though I know the numbers have changed pretty dramatically, I was not really expecting to see much of a difference in these pictures.  I think I was wrong.
I should also mention I bought this shirt probably four years ago and was not able to even *dream* about putting it on.  I still would not wear it outside, but it certainly fits.  How exciting is that?!
This is where I see the most difference in between today and November 20th.  My chin looks thinner…and I can actually tell my tush is smaller.  Go figure!  I think this kind of thing is what is going to push the kibosh on that weird disconnect I seem to be struggling with.  I am truly astounded just trying to think of how tight these pants once were on me.  Amazing.
Just to finish off this post…here’s a comparison shot of November 20 and today:

I must admit…I am excited to see what those pants are going to look like on me in two *more* months. I actually tried standing in one leg of them today…and I can just about make it. My guess/prediction is in two months I will be showing you guys a picture of me completely fitting in one leg of those suckers!

What a fabulous day this is…How is yours going?