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Random Observations

Here is a collection (in no specific order) containing random observations I have made recently:

1. I cannot jump rope to save my life.  Something so simple.  Something every child can do with ease.  It is hilariously wrong to see me even attempt it.  You may (or may not) have noticed I added “Jump Rope (successfully)” to my list of goals.  I will practice.  I will jump rope (successfully).  I will.  Can you jump rope (successfully)?  If so, do you jump with both feet together or do you “skip” with one foot at a time (like a little girl skipping down the street while jumping rope…to help with the visual)?

2. I must see my doctor about my left shoulder.  I have mentioned it here a couple times.  The stupid thing is still bothering me (it has been about five or six weeks, I believe).  Yeah me.  Not.

3. My ankle seems to be improving rapidly.  I have actually taken my brace off, which is major.  Physical therapy is twice a week, so that is a bonus.  Additionally, I do think my new athletic shoes have helped tremendously.

4. I can feel hip bones, folks!  This was an incredible (and quite comical) day for me.  I cannot recall ever being able to feel hip bones in my life (I am sure I could as a child, but who remembers that?!).  In fact, I was so surprised when I felt “something hard” in my side I did not even realize that is what it was.  (That is the comical part)  I had to have my ex- feel “that mysterious hard thing” in my side to find out…it was my pelvic bone!  You should have seen the look on his face *that* day.

5. More injury…my left knee.  The grinding, popping, and clicking seems to be getting worse (not better as I hoped it would).  So, apparently, when I go see my doctor about my shoulder, we will be having a conversation about my knee, too.  Boo!

6. I have poor posture.  I have been overweight/obese/morbidly obese my entire adult life.  In that time frame I have learned/adapted to sitting with my back curled and shoulders slumped forward.  This did a couple things for me (at the time).  A) Hid my *huge* breasts and helped me feel like they were “less big.” B) Released pressure from my lower spine.  I have a herniated and slipped disc in my lumbosacral area.  So, curling my spine forward prevented those discs from being compressed from all the weight I was carrying.  The problem is now I have trouble keeping my back straight and shoulders back (especially when I am doing certain moves in the gym…like stiff leg barbell lifts…or rows…or many other things).  I must work on my posture, and on my upper back strength.

7. I find I am still pretty consumed by the thought of summer…and bathing suits.  Just thinking about it now I felt my heart kick it up a notch.  Anxiety, folks.  Really.  I would love to just “get it over with” and buy something now.  However, I know that would not be in my best interest because I *will* be losing more weight/inches before summer.  How in the world am I going to get through the rest of winter and spring without going crazy?!  Do you have bathing suit anxiety?

8. Emotional eating is something I still battle with…but I am winning.  To me this is a sure sign of food addiction.  Eating when you are not hungry.  Eating instead when you are _____ (fill in some sort of emotion).  I still find that when I get upset my mind instantly wanders to food.  The really exciting part (for me) is that I do *not* get the food.  Sure, my mind still goes there, but my body and mouth do not.  I find something else to do instead…some high knees (plyo), a hot bath with a book, play a game with my chicklets, etc.  Pretty much anything else to keep my hands (and my mind) busy without food.  It is a daily struggle.  Really.  Are you an emotional eater?  If so, what kinds of food do/did you find yourself reaching for?

9. I need more cardio in my life…and soon.  I have been really kicking it up on the weight-lifting front, but my cardio has waned.  The scale numbers have also slowed to a crawl, which tells me I need to change it up…more cardio!  I am still losing, but ever so slowly these days.  I truly believe that is related to the decline in amount of time I spend doing strictly cardio exercises.  What is your favorite way to get cardio in?

10. An update on my disconnect… I think this is improving.  Not as much as I would like, but I cannot complain about improvement of any kind.  When I look at myself in the full-length mirrors at the gym (obviously fully clothed), I am starting to notice changes in my body.  Thanks, Denise (she made me start working out in front of the mirrors in the first place)!  The only time I really still feel that “disconnect” is when I am naked.  I still have a hard time seeing those changes when nothing is between my eyes and my body (IE. clothes, mirror, etc.).  That will take some more time, I suppose.

11. A goal has been marked off…”Take a group class at the gym.”  Last night was, in fact, the second class I have taken at Fitworks.  They are offering free self defense classes every other Wednesday.  I know these are not “traditional” fitness classes, but at least I am there doing things with other people.  Hopefully this will build my confidence and encourage me to attend other classes (like Zumba or a power class).  Small steps.  Really small.  Do you take classes at your gym?  If so, what is your favorite class…and why?


Ladies…Needing Some Input

So, I am going to start this post by apologizing to any male readers.  This post may (or may not) make you decide never to read my blog again.  Sorry about that.  If you do not dig reading about/listening to “girl only” related malfunctions, I urge you to stop reading immediately and revisit on another less girly day.  🙂  Thanks!

Okay…so now that it is just us girls (with the exception of a few extra curious male fellas comfortable enough to keep on trucking)…I am having some baffling malfuctions.  Let me begin by saying I have the Mirena.  Next month will be four years since I “got it.”  I have been quite happy with it (and the complete lack of monthly “visits,” if you will) since…until around September.  All of the sudden I started bleeding.  At first I was just like, “Oh, well, I guess I cannot complain since this is the first one in over three years.”  Then another came in October (and stayed for 8 painful days).  Another in November (only 13 days later…and stayed for 11 days).  Yes, another in December for yet another 8 day stay.  Again in January (yes, already) only 9 days after I stopped from December’s.

Of course, I am not stupid…I visited my doctor yesterday.  He is a little confused, though.  When I had my yearly check-up in the latter part of summer, he mentioned that he could not see my strings.  We discussed how I was feeling, if I had seen it come/fall out, etc.  We determined that it was probably not a big deal since I had not had any other problems/complications.

Adding that with this new development, his first thought was it fell out.  How could I not notice this, though?  Moving on from that baffling thought…

He also said that it could just be my body kind of freaking out because of all the weight I have lost.  Hormone levels fluctuating and trying to re-regulate with this new thinner, more fit body.  It makes sense to me…a little…but I am still wondering about that.  Could that be?  Could my body be freaking out because I have lost weight?  He was quick to add that losing weight alone probably would not have caused such panic, but that it has been in such a relatively short amount of time that probably aggravated my levels.  Okay…maybe?

So, my question to you ladies out there who have lost weight…did it mess with your cycles?  Did you notice any dramatic change in length or frequency…or any other aspect of them that made you go, “Hmmm…”

I am scheduled to have a pelvic ultrasound Monday afternoon to check on the Mirena.  But, if it is still there, then what?  I know you all are not doctors (or probably are not anyway), but maybe you have experienced something similar to give me some leverage or some understanding…

PS) I feel like it is probably important to add that I love my doctor.  He is truly awesome, and I do not believe (even in the slightest) that he is even attempting to dismiss me or bash the weight loss.  He was actually really excited for me (and even teared up a little while dancing in the tiny room with me).  Yesterday was the first time I have seen him since July (when I started losing the weight).  He said when the nurse told him how much weight I lost (since she weighed me in), he had to double check the numbers himself (out of pure astonishment).  Needless to say, he said I was the rockstar of the day week and that I made his day week.  On another side note, he said I made him feel lazy because he had actually put on a few pounds in those same six months.  He promised to hit the gym last night, and that he would be thinner when I came to follow up.  LOL