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Plan of Action: Thursday

There is something to be said about *not* weighing yourself every single day.  Weight can fluctuate quite a bit from one day to the next.  All of that being said, though, I am growing ever so frustrated with my stupid scale.

This morning I was UP FOUR POUNDS from yesterday.  I ate well yesterday – yogurt, whole wheat pita pockets, alfalfa sprouts, orange pepper, oatmeal – all good things.  I did my fitness evaluation with Denise last night, so I moved around, too.  I could scream and throw that thing out the dang window, I will tell you that right now.

Anyway, not focusing on that today…moving forward:

Fitness Evaluation Measurements
Neck – 13.25″ (-.25)
Shoulders – 41.25″ (-.25)
Arms – 15″ & 15″ (-2)
Bust – 44″ (-2)
Waist (natural) – 34″ (same)
Waist (bellybutton) – 37″ (-2.5)
Hips – 47.5 (-2.5)
Thighs – 26.5″ & 26.5″ (-2.5)
Calves – 17.25″ & 17″ (-1.75)

With these recent measurements included, I have lost 101 inches since last year!  That is absolutely insane!  That is almost 8.5 FEET off of my body!  Amazing.

I must admit, though, looking at numbers like that makes it harder to be angry at the scale.  Especially when I know I ate well yesterday.  I know, with absolute certainty, I did not consume an excess of 14,000 calories to really gain four pounds of fat.  I know it.  It does still sting, though.

So, for today’s plan of action workout:

Cardio…and more cardio

I will be dedicating one hour of my life to nothing but cardio today.  That will likely be a combination of spin and Neil.  Although I am really going to try to do one hour on the spin bike.  I think the longest I have gone (so far) is about 35 minutes or so…so we will see.

If my entire body were not sore, I would be lifting weights again tonight.  The legs are still sore from Tuesday, and my delts and biceps are on fire from pushups last night with Denise.

Do you measure?  If so, does that help you cope with any increases you may see on your scale?


Measuring Up

As part of my personal training contract, I get measured every so often.  This time Denise and I waited a little longer to measure (mostly my doing because I was so focused on other things).  I always get nervous about measuring – afraid somehow the numbers will go UP!

This round of measurements left me feeling excited and angry/frustrated at the same time.  Why must emotions be so complex?!  As you all know, I have been limited on my lower body workouts with this crazy knee malfunction.  That lack of really pushing those muscles showed up *crystal clear* in my measurements:

AREA – Starting / February / NOW
Neck – 14″ / 14″ / 13.5″
Shoulders – 54″ / 45.2″ / 41.5″
Arms – 19″ / 16.5″ / 15.8″
Bust – 54.5″ / 48.2″ / 46″
Natural Waist – 48″ / 35.5″ / 34″
Bellybutton – 52″ / 40″ / 39.5″
Hips – 58.75″ / 51″ / 50″
Thighs – 37.5″ / 27.7″ / 27.5″
Calves – 21″ / 18.2″ / 18″


Notice the trend?  All of my upper body measurements decreased pretty dramatically.  The lower body measurements barely moved.  That is clear evidence of not working them hard enough (or at all).

I have recently been cleared for squatting and lunging again, though.  So, you *know* I have been a squatting, lunging fool!  Next time I get measured, those lower body measurements *better* be lower!

Do you measure?  If so, how often do you measure?  Do you find measuring helps you see progress when the scale is refusing?

Oh – and my BMI has gone from 49.33 to 34.9, too.  That is pretty exciting!

Just one more thing…as you may (or may not) know, I graduated college back in January with a degree in business.  It was my intention to head back to school in June for a degree in graphic design.  I; however, have decided to change my major to health & wellness.  So, I will be starting school again on June 6th with the intention of becoming a personal trainer!  I am pretty stoked about this decision, and what it means for the rest of my life.

I have to take a minute to thank Denise.  Without her guidance, support, and encouragement I would not have come this far…and I doubt I would have realized just *how much* passion I have for fitness and health.  She is absolutely amazing, and I truly love and admire her.  It was her nudging that even got me thinking about becoming a personal trainer.  So, thanks, Denise!

8 weeks; 1 day
20.6 pounds

That means only 5.4 pounds to go to 100 pounds lost!  🙂


Weigh Day (week thirty)

Thirty weeks.  Seven months (only 5 days shy).  What a journey this has been so far.  I have come so far already…and, yet, I feel like I have so much further to go.  Although, as fast as these 30 weeks have gone, I have no doubt the next 30 will fly by in seemingly no time at all.  I am very excited to see what milestones and accomplishments I will have to speak of by that point.

I would like to say I am bubbling over with happiness and excitement today, but I am not.  Actually, I am feeling a blue this evening.  I had a great workout with Denise today, and I did some new things with her (which challenged me in new ways).  I did my first “real” pushup today (not the girlie ones on my knees)…it was *not* pretty, but I did it…and then many more after it.  I did burpees, actually, which require pushups as part of the move.  I also jumped rope…okay, more like skipped rope, but I did it.  Again, it was not pretty, and I still need *so* much more practice to be “successful.”

Despite that, my weigh in this morning has me a little bent out of shape.  The scale was all over the place this morning.  Okay, so something strange…I weigh myself (a minimum of) three times every time I do it.  Why?  Well, because depending on where you stand on the scale, you get different readings…or at least I usually do.  So, what I do is step on the scale and then again, and then again.  If the number matches all three times, that is my weight.  If the number does not match, I weigh myself until I get three identical readings.  Usually, the numbers are so close (like within 0.4 pounds)…not this morning.  I had weights from as little 235.X all the way up to 239.0.  I was so frustrated and wanted desperately to curse the stupid thing out.  Instead, I took a deep breath and keep stepping on.  Eventually, I got my three identical readings…


That is *one* pound down from last week.  O-N-E.  That is two weeks in a row that I have only dropped *one* pound.  I am beginning to feel frustrated with that.  I know I probably should not get that caught up in the numbers, but I do.  The numbers, after all, is what is primarily driving me these days because I still have that ridiculous *disconnect* clouding my perception of progress when I look at myself.  If I could *see* the changes as clearly as everyone else, maybe I would not be so hung up on the numbers.  Maybe.  It is still a loss, though, so I guess I cannot dwell on it too terribly long.  Sigh.

Denise measured me today at the gym.  Here is how it went:

Neck = 14″ / 14″
Shoulders = 54″ / 45.2″
Arms = 19″ (L) and 19″ (R) / 16.5″ (L) and 16.5″ (R)
Bust = 54.5″ / 48.2″
Waist = 48″ (N) and 52″ (B) /  35.5″ (N) and 40″ (B)
Hips = 58.75″ / 51″
Thighs = 37″ (L) and 37.5″ (R) / 27.7″ (L) and 28″ (R)
Calves = 20.5 (L) and 21″ (R) / 17.2″ (L) and 18.2″ (R)
original measurement / current measurement

That is a total of 77.25 inches and 76.8 pounds lost in 30 weeks.  That is not too shabby, right?  So, what is up with me not feeling happy about that?!  Maybe I am in some sort of emotional funk today…who knows.

Here is another thing…
My BMI when I began (at 315 lbs.) was 49.33.
Today my BMI was 37.3.

I am thinking that I need to switch up something on the food front.  I have no idea what I am going to do exactly because I do not have a “quick fix” in that arena.  (Meaning, I do not drink soda – even diet. I do not eat sweets – ever. I do not drink alcohol. I do not eat chips or anything “snacky” like that.)  So, I apparently have some research ahead of me to try and figure out how I can shake things up in my diet to see if I can get the scale moving again.  Any thoughts or ideas on that?

20 days
13.2 pounds
(I think it’s safe to call this one unattainable at this point.)


My Mind = BLOWN

Just fair warning…this is going to be a really *brief* post because I am exhausted, but I just could not *wait* to get this out!

So, apparently I am somewhat of a local celeb at my gym (crazy, believe me).  I am on this giant chalkboard as soon as you walk into the gym and check in at reception.  In bright and bold (giant – did I mention that already?) letters it says something to this effect:

“Erica Rooks has lost 56 pounds and 48.75″ in 20 weeks!”

Well, that was put up two weeks ago now.  So, Gwen wanted to check my measurements and update the board.  That was all fine with me, but you know what?  I was *not* expecting this:

“Erica Rooks has lost 62 pounds and 65.25″ in 22 weeks!”

Can you believe that?  Another 16.5″ GONE from my body!  Sixty-five and a quarter inches total…insane.  Truly.  I cannot even fathom that…my little mind is just cranking away trying to wrap myself around that.  That is more inches lost than I am tall (did you follow that?).

I have to admit, though, it made me work so hard with Denise tonight.  I cannot wait to see how much further I will have traveled in another month…another six months…this time next year.  My head is up and I am looking straight ahead, and for once I am excited about what the future holds.

Was your day as awesome as mine?


Fitness {re}Evaluation 2

Last night was my six-week “check-up” with Denise.  Honestly, I was a little (okay more than a little…) nervous about getting measured.  For some bizarre (and totally incomprehensible) reason, I was actually afraid that my inches would *increase*…that somehow I would be fatter than six weeks ago.  Of course, I know that could not possibly be true because I had lost 12.6 pounds in that same time.  But…all that rational thinking did not overcome all that spastic obsessing.

So, when Denise busted out the measuring tape and my heart starting racing, I just kept my eyes closed until it was finished.  The results?  I have lost an additional eight inches in six weeks!  That brings my total inches lost to 48.75 (in a little over 18 weeks)!  I am quite impressed with myself (if I am allowed to say that without sounding egocentric)!
(Here’s my initial fitness re-evaluation.)

As if last night was not great enough after my “high” on numbers…Denise was showing me around some other parts of the gym.  (Parts I have only been looking at and never daring to step inside.)  My “normal” gym routine is pretty basic (okay, it is probably just plain basic), and a little boring.  So, Denise wanted to get me out of that little “circuit” I have been doing for weeks now (probably about six or seven weeks, to be exact).  I am excited to be doing new things…that shows progress in itself, right?

She brought me to this…contraption?…where you basically hang your lower half off and raise your legs (it works your core…similar to crunches).  Here it is:

Well, about 40 pounds ago I tried this “machine” and failed miserably.  I could not even hold myself up on it long enough to really even let my feet dangle.  You can imagine my hesitation when Denise lightheartedly said, “Go on, Erica.  Jump up there.”  I explained that I could not do it…I had tried previously…and I did not want to embarrass myself in the middle of the gym floor (I tried previously in the circuit room – far, far away from the dead center of the gym floor.).  She kept encouraging me, so I hopped up there and said something to the effect of: “Well, I guess I am glad that you believe in me…even when I don’t believe in myself.”  You know what?  I DID IT!  I did five “crunches” before the excitement just overtook me and I stood on the foot rails of the contraption doing my own personal celebratory dance while going, “Woot woot!  Go me!  I just did it!”  Yes, out loud in the middle of the gym floor.  Yes, people were staring.  And, no, I did not care.

My night was pretty awesome.  I was happy about the inches gone from body…now over four *feet* (which is still kind of blowing my mind).  I was happy about being able to accomplish something I was not able to a few short weeks ago.  I was happy to be out on the floor trying new things.  Excellent way to finish off my day.

Has anything exciting happened during your week?