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Weigh Day (week ten)

Weigh days used to cause such anxiety and apprehension.  These last few weeks; however, I am really just getting more and more excited to weigh in.  Today was no exception.  I weighed in at 280.6, which is 3.2 pounds lost this week (31.4 in ten weeks).  I could not be happier.

I finally feel like I am winning this battle.  The battle I have lost, consistently, for 14 years.  The battle against the fat me, the unhealthy me.

To be honest, I still find myself a little anxious about the numbers on the scale.  As I mentioned before, I have not been under 280 in *many* years (about 5.5, in fact).  So, as I inch closer to being below 280 I still have a negative voice whispering bad things.  The difference is…this time I am *not* listening!  Next week I will be weighing in, and I *will* be below 280.  I also suspect that I will be hitting my next goal of 275 very soon, which means another reward for myself (yay!).  In fact, I am so close to reaching my last incremental goal that I really should start thinking about my next set of “pound goals” and rewards to go along with them.  Crazy.

How did your week turn out?  Are you where you wanted to be right now?  If not, what can you do this week to get yourself there?