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My Mind = BLOWN

Just fair warning…this is going to be a really *brief* post because I am exhausted, but I just could not *wait* to get this out!

So, apparently I am somewhat of a local celeb at my gym (crazy, believe me).  I am on this giant chalkboard as soon as you walk into the gym and check in at reception.  In bright and bold (giant – did I mention that already?) letters it says something to this effect:

“Erica Rooks has lost 56 pounds and 48.75″ in 20 weeks!”

Well, that was put up two weeks ago now.  So, Gwen wanted to check my measurements and update the board.  That was all fine with me, but you know what?  I was *not* expecting this:

“Erica Rooks has lost 62 pounds and 65.25″ in 22 weeks!”

Can you believe that?  Another 16.5″ GONE from my body!  Sixty-five and a quarter inches total…insane.  Truly.  I cannot even fathom that…my little mind is just cranking away trying to wrap myself around that.  That is more inches lost than I am tall (did you follow that?).

I have to admit, though, it made me work so hard with Denise tonight.  I cannot wait to see how much further I will have traveled in another month…another six months…this time next year.  My head is up and I am looking straight ahead, and for once I am excited about what the future holds.

Was your day as awesome as mine?