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A Little to the Left…

This post may be *slightly* off topic from the normal around here, but I think it is worth sharing.  During my journey to a healthier me I have considered other things besides just my food consumption and energy output.  I have also considered the products around my household…chemicals.  These are things I really have not given much thought to before now.  I find, though, that as I begin to take better care of myself I am starting to question what other things affect me.

This soap smells good enough to eat...seriously.

I am a fairly simply girl.  I do not have an inventory of cosmetics and skin care items lurking about in the bathroom.  I have never been one to “pamper” myself in that way.  However, each winter my skin becomes a horrid mess – especially my hands.  I work with paper – a lot – which sucks nearly all the moisture right out of my skin.  I am also obsessive about washing my hands (not in a bad way, though) and that does not help the dry, cracked hand situation.  In actuality, my whole body becomes dry and flaky throughout the winter months.

This stuff smells *amazing* and is sitting in a dish on my bathroom sink right now. I think I may need to wash my hands again...soon.

A few weeks ago my bestie (aka best friend, Leslie) and I were out and about perusing the mall – just “window” shopping.  We stumbled across this little “boutique” inside of Macy*s in Kenwood Towne Center.  Lush.  How luxurious, I thought.  The smell overtook me as we inched closer.  Amazing.  So, we started browsing…smelling…and sharing things as we discovered them.  This kind of purchase is categorized under “splurging” in my head, though, so I went about my way…with a couple samples from the super nice gal hanging out behind the counter.

My bathroom has never smelled so good...my water has never been silkier...my skin has never felt better.

The bestie and I could not stop talking about all the cool stuff we discovered…and how great it smelled.  When I got home that night, I immediately looked up the website and started reading.  Fascinating.  To read what I read, go here.  Their beliefs really resonated with me, which made it even harder for me to forget what I smelled there.

Solid shampoo...have you ever heard of such a thing? This baby lathers better than my whole bottle of "regular" shampoo - and I am not kidding. Smells delish, too!

I am sure you can see where this is going, right?  I went back.  I bought stuff.  I am in love.  Not only did I buy goodies for myself, I also bought goodies for my bestie (which I do not believe has found my blog…thank goodness right now).  I cannot wait to give them to her for Christmas.

I will be going back for more goodies…very soon.  If you have an opportunity to visit a Lush boutique near you, you should. 

This is going to be my next purchase. The gal showed this to me while I was there, but I already had enough in my hands...which I am regretting now, of course. She uses this to shave because the lather is *so* rich and creamy. Amazing.

Everything smells amazing (except the one solid shampoo that is meant for dandruff…actually that stuff smells awful, on purpose apparently) and makes me feel amazing.

I bought some additional things for my bestie, which I did not highlight here (just in case she happens to stumble upon my blog…cause that’s how my life is right now).  Seriously, though, if you have an opportunity to visit a Lush boutique near you – do it!  You will thank me for it later…or not depending on how much you spend.  🙂