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They Are So Sweet…

I have been nominated by two fabulous fellow bloggers for this award!  Blogger friends can be so sweet!

The first gal to nominate me for this award was Colline (back when she was still blogging through Nuggets of Health).  Her new blog gives her a forum to discuss a wide variety of topics (making her truly versatile), and is full of thought-provoking posts and great information.  If you have not already popped over to see her, please do.

The second gal to nominate me was Charity from What The Heck Are Skinny Jeans?  She has recently renewed her dedication to get healthy and was recently lucky enough to become my step-counting buddy!  I love her blog because she reminds me a bit of myself when I started on my journey 76 pounds ago.  She is real and talks about genuine temptations and hiccups that affect thousands of other real people battling obesity.  Again, if you have not been to visit her, please do.

As per the rules of receiving this award, I am to now share seven facts with all of you that I have not previously shared:

1. The athletic shoes I am wearing right now are *the first* pair of athletic shoes I have ever owned in my life.  Really.
2. My daughters’ names were chosen from a video game and a hair dye bottle (both of which I changed the spelling to include a ‘Y’ instead of an ‘I’).
3. My older daughter’s name was picked out when I was 12.  I did not have her until I was 22.
4. I saved *all* of my clothes from when I was a teenager and actually expected to wear them when I lost all my weight.  Most of them, by the way, are in *terrible* condition, and I would *never* wear them as an adult.  I have come to the conclusion I must have been completely out of mind.  Although, I am wearing a pair of old yellow camo pants which I have not worn in about nine years.  Yeah me!
5. I am crafty…in all sorts of ways.  I scrapbook, draw, paint, sculpt, and make greeting cards.  I actually have a little “store” on Etsy in which I sell some of my paper goodies…and my seven-year-old sells her polymer clay beads.
6. My house is a little crazy with color…and I love it.  My kitchen is a bright, spinach green, my dining room is a deep wine color trimmed in “garlic.”  The bathroom downstairs is a teal color, and my living room is deep, vibrant red with “garlic” trim.  My office (the room I probably spend the most time in) is white with big green polka dots all over.  My bedroom is deep purple…and my daughter’s room is about six different colors in contrasting wall/trim colors on each wall.
7. I know several very popular bands…personally.  When I was a teenager, I used to go to Detroit and stay with Twiztid (of course, they were The House of Krazees back then).  I met ICP (Insane Clown Posse) while we were hanging out with Jamie and Paul since they were all buddies.  My cousin even dated Jamie for a while…and I had a small, fleeting “thing” with Paul.  We met many other bands back stage during shows and such, too.  It was pretty cool.

The last rule for accepting the award is nominating five fellow bloggers for this award:

1. Diary of an Angry Fat Woman – Shonnie is amazing.  Really.  She has lost a tremendous amount of weight already and is always willing to share her knowledge about the journey.  She is uplifting, inspiring, and always has supportive and encouraging words for others.  The Butt-Kickers Club is her baby and helps to celebrate the loss of others in the blogosphere.  If you have not spent some time in her corner of the Web, you simply must.

2. Balancing My Chemicals – Andie’s blog is another of my regular reads.  She is currently in the middle of a “not-so-pleasant” detox, and she is sharing all the ups and (mostly) downs of it.  I love her wit and charm…and I am always looking forward to reading her posts and her thoughtful comments on my posts.  Andie has also lost a considerable amount of weight and is experimenting with ways to keep it coming off steadily.  Visit her blog, I promise you will not be disappointed.

3. 52 Weeks, 52 Pounds – J is seriously inspiring in so many ways.  He has a plan and he gets it done.  His original goal was met months ago (he is now in Phase III of his journey) so he set his sights higher.  Right now he is training for a marathon…that’s serious folks…and he is kicking butt.  Take some time to check him out.  His blog is full of information and that “I can do this too” kind of feeling.

4. Girl Worth Weighting For – This is another of my very favorite blogs.  I love her take on things…and I love how honest she is (especially when it comes to eating and boys).  Those of you who are single and overweight (and believe completely the two are related) will find some comfort reading GWWF.  So, go check her out.

5. Waisting Time – Karen is awesome.  I love reading her posts because her personality certainly shines through the words.  She has a great sense of humor about her weight loss journey, too.  So, you know what I am going to say now, right?  Go spend some time getting to know Karen…if you have not already.

A special thanks to Colline and Charity, again, for nominating my blog/me for this award.  I think the two of you are wonderfully sweet!