Plan of Action: Monday

I was up again this morning.  That is going to get frustrating *really* fast.  Again, though, I know I have not consumed enough “extra” calories to truly justify these pounds.  I still find it completely irritating, though.

So, here is today’s plan of action workout:

-lunge with shoulder cross
-lateral raises
-bicep curls
-plank walk overs with platform
-lat pull down
-cobra pushups
-tricep pushdowns (over-hand and under-hand grip)
-leg circles
-side planks with rotation
-oblique v-crunches
-Pfeiffer scissors

That should give me about an hour or so worth of gym time this evening.  I am looking forward to it…all except that Mondays are always packed.  I suppose it is because people eat garbage over the weekend and rush to the gym Monday to try and control the damage.  Maybe.

For breakfast today I had a small banana and vanilla yogurt with almonds and cinnamon.  A snack is in order here in a few…and lunch later.  I bought fresh kale yesterday and some colorful peppers, so I am excited for lunch.  Very excited!

What is your day going to look like today?


2 responses to “Plan of Action: Monday

  1. If you’re doing that sort of exercise a lot, you’re probably gaining muscle – so try not to worry about the odd gain here and there! Over the last 8 weeks I’ve only lost 4lbs on my scale at home, but I had my body composition measured and I’d actually lost 16lbs of pure fat, and gained 12lbs of muscle – and my body shape has completely changed. So stick with it!

    • That is a pretty typical workout for me. I know part of that gain (if not all) is muscle. It does; however, still bother me a little. I’m not totally freaking out, but a plan of action to get things moving downward again will help prevent a mental meltdown. 🙂

      Denise and I are going to do another fit eval on Wednesday night (which means measurements and such), so I am excited to see how those numbers have changed.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

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