Weigh Day (week fifty-one)

My, how time has gotten away from me!  It has (unfortunately) been two weeks since my last weigh in post.  Life has been *insane* – to say the least.  My 17-year-old cousin, Maggie, has moved in with me to attend college in the fall.  So, we have spent the last couple weeks attending informational seminars at various campuses, filling out applications, meeting with financial aid advisors (and admissions advisors, now that she has decided which school she will attend), scouring Craigslist for furniture for her room, searching for available positions at the local businesses (girlie needs a job), and so much more!  It has been exhausting, but a delight.  I am happy that I am able to help her get her life started.

All of this; however, means my schedule has been seriously interrupted.  Seriously.  I am finding that keeping an accurate food journal is nearly impossible when I am almost never home.  I am finding that keeping up with my regular weigh day posting schedule is nearly impossible when I am almost never home (and completely exhausted when I am home).  Between Maggie and studying for my PT certification…and, of course, working out…and my chicklets…and everything else.  This girl is pretty much tapped out.

I will say this, though, thank goodness I am not still 315 pounds!  I would *never* have been able to physically handle this crazy, busy lifestyle at that weight!  Seriously.

The down side is that I missed my June goal of being under 200 pounds.  Boo!  I was *really* wanting to see 19X on the scale before July 1st.  I was convinced it was going to happen because I was at 201.4 just two days after my last weigh in.  However, the very next day I bounced back up to 203, and 204 the day after that.  Frustration setting in…believe me.  Then I went back down to 202, and then 201.4 again.  Yesterday I even weighed in at 201.2, but this morning I was back to 201.4.  Sigh.

Despite being away from home quite a bit, I have been eating well (meaning eating foods that are typical of my daily life…and not eating out).  I will admit I am probably snacking more than usual…but I am busier than usual (and truly feeling hungry more than usual because of it).  Maybe the heat has something to do with the fluctuation?  Fluid retention and dehydration?  Maybe?  I seriously have no idea.  One thing I do know, though, is I have had enough of the 200’s.  I am ready to see 19X on the scale!

I am hoping this week will bring me closer to my regular schedule.  Now that we have Maggie’s school worked out and she has met with them,  I think life will begin to calm back down.  Hopefully.

How has life been treating you over the last couple weeks?


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