Weigh Day (week forty-two)

What an excellent week this has been…and I am looking forward to another excellent week ahead!

I spent some quality time with my chicklets, hit my 100-pound mark, spent quality time with Denise, and continued to see the scale numbers drop…closer to my next incremental goal of 199.8 (onederland)!

My week included the 3-mile loop at Sharon Woods, power yoga (not as much as I would have liked, thanks to work running over), bootcamp twice, self defense class, spin (and my poor tush can tell the tales of how horrible a design those seats have), and strength training.  All that added up to:


That is down 1.8 pounds from last week (and a total loss of 101 pounds in 42 weeks)!  I certainly have nothing to complain about!

Here is something else interesting I figured out this week.  According to my body fat percentage at last check (latter part of March), if I can gain only 4.5 pounds of lean muscle mass while losing the rest of the weight to my initial goal weight (185), I will be good to go.  My body fat percentage would then be 21%, which is perfectly acceptable (and such an improvement from my initial body fat percentage of nearly 50%!)!  I find this incredibly exciting!

One last little thing…Fitworks is having my century celebration this week (Wednesday)!  I am really moved that they are going through the trouble of celebrating this milestone with me.  My girlfriend (who is professional photographer) hopes to be able to attend, if she does I will share photos of the shebang with you all!  Should be a fabulous time!

4 weeks; 5 days
14.2 pounds


10 responses to “Weigh Day (week forty-two)

  1. Just wanted to say this blog post is a big inspiration for me. I’m just starting out (and blogging about it) and I have over a hundred pounds to lose, and it means the world to me to see other people who are succeeding at changing their lives. It makes this whole process seem tangible and attainable. Congrats on this huge accomplishment! I always think of weight loss in terms of carrying around dogs, and 100lbs is like a bull mastiff! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • I, too, find inspiration in others’ success. I agree it makes the whole journey seem possible. Without the support I have recieved from other bloggers, my trainer, friends, family, etc I would not have made it here. The road is bumpy and winding…and sometimes it seems so bleak, but never give up. There is always something wonderful lying just beyond eyesight. 🙂


  2. Wow, Erica. You are doing so great! I awarded you the ABC Award (check my blog post from April 27, 2012) because you continue to inspire me and motivate me. I just love your dedication and positive outlook while moving towards (and accomplishing) each and every goal. Congrats, again, on reaching the 100lbs mark. Have fun celebrating this epic milestone!!

  3. Congrats!! You are so close to your goal!

  4. You are seriously a BUTT KICKER!

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