Countdown to Century: 1.6

The anticipation is just about killing me…I have to be honest.  It seems like it will take *forever* to get to the 100-pound mark.  That saying keeps popping into my mind, though, and it is pretty relevant:

“Slow and steady wins the race.”

I know it will happen for me…eventually.  The struggle that I have had with the last few pounds I have lost (really about the last 10) are preparing me for just how hard it is going to get after I pass that 100-pound mark.  The weight is not going to continue to just melt off of me.  I am going to have to crank it up to HIGH all the time to keep things moving.  I am going to have to switch things up every few days to keep this body guessing.

I also wanted to share this with you:

The last picture was taken when my chicklets and I went walking at Sharon Woods. We walked the 3-mile loop they have…and the trail is beautiful! My chicklets loved it and had a great time searching for wildlife along the way. We ended up spotting a frog, fish, ducks, 2 turtles, an inchworm, a spider, lots of squirrels, and a chipmunk. That, of course, does not include the dozens of doggies we saw trotting along with their owners.

How is your week going?  What is the goal you currently are working toward?  How close are you to obtaining that goal?


12 responses to “Countdown to Century: 1.6

  1. Woohoo!!! You’re almost there! 🙂 as for me, about 3 pounds to go before I have a “normal BMI” and tomorrow I’ll hit my goal of running for thirty minutes in a row without dying! Pretty cool for someone who couldn’t last one minute just 2 months ago 🙂

    • How fantastic *that* must be!!! I still have a ways to go before my BMI is considered “normal” but at least I am *far* out of the ‘morbid obesity’ category! That was a great feeling in itself. I cannot wait until I am allowed to run again…oddly enough I miss it. Probably only because I am strictly forbidden from doing it…it really was not all that enjoyable for me when I was allowed to do it. LOL


      • lol, funny, half the time WHILE I’m running, I hate it. But I’ve become addicted to that whole endorphin rush and turn into a giant b-word if I don’t go run now and then. 2 months ago I NEVER would have believed that.

      • Funny how things like that happen, huh? If you had asked me even six months ago if I would *live* to go to the gym and workout I would have said, “NO WAY!” I can definitely tell a difference in myself on the days I am not in the gym…I am a little more edgy – LOL


  2. Wow – in under a year and you look so different. You look so much younger. Well done to you 🙂

    • Thanks, Colline! I still find it all a bit crazy, honestly. My journey began on July 10, 2011 and here I am just over 9 months later and nearly 100 pounds lighter. It is insane…in the best possible way, of course – LOL


  3. Oh, Erica! You were a beautiful person before, but wow! You’re eyes are brigher, your skin is glowing and you look so young!! You are truly changing right before our eyes and it’s so uplifting and motivating to follow your journey. And I must say, not many people can pull off the fun hair colors like you can, so keep on rockin it, girl! 😉

    • LOL – Tammy! Thanks *so* much for the kind words!!! I often here that not everyone could pull it off, but that it works for me. 🙂 The more I look at the pictures of my face, the more I notice how it seems as though my glasses got bigger. LOL – Of course, they are the same glasses, so they are not getting bigger…just my face is getting smaller. Still a little strange to notice in the pictures, though. 🙂


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