Anxiety to Perfection

So, there I am…standing in a virtual sea of chocolate, marshmallow, candy coating, cookie bits, and more.  I can feel my anxiety rising and I begin the whole internal discussion:

“Why am I feeling *so* much anxiety right now?  This is *so* much more stressful than Halloween was – and I hadn’t made this much progress then.  It should be easier now, right?”

“Hello!  We didn’t have to *buy* candy for Halloween, remember?  So, we never had to *stand* in the candy aisle and stare at all the yummy, delicious, gooey, caramel-filled…”

“Hey!  Wait!  Aren’t you supposed to be talking me *out* of this anxiety?!”

“Nope.  I’m just here so you don’t have to be alone when you’re anxious.”


So, I am pacing the aisle and feeling absolutely ridiculous.  Then what happens?  A woman walks by and leans into my shoulder with a simple whisper:

“None of this is on your diet, girl.”

I look up to find another of Denise’s clients standing there with a giant smile on her face.  What a way to bring me out of that funk, right?!  I thanked her (sincerely) and told her what crazy madness my head had cooking when she rescued me.  The whole situation reminded me a *lot* of Andie’s waitress rescue story.  Thank goodness for small pushes right when you need them, right?

Let me clear…I was *not* going to “cheat” with some cheap, funky Hershey chocolate.  I was starting to rationalize buying some more expensive, upper tier dark chocolate, though.  That, my friends, is a slippery slope.  I am *so* very thankful for that little pick-me-up when I least expected it!

This is such a rare occurance for me that I felt compelled to share with you all.  I rarely feel temptation knocking so hard.  I rarely find it difficult to say, “No thanks,” when sweets make an appearance somehow.  I am far too focused to waver every single time something creeps into my sight.  I would have failed long ago if that were the case.  However, every so often I do find weakness.  Luckily enough I often have someone (or something) to break through it without regret or shame waiting at the end.  For this I am also thankful.

After all, I am 4.8 pounds away from 100 pounds lost, folks.  No chocolate could possibly taste *that* good, right?  😉

How are you coping with Easter?  Are you going to allow yourself some wiggle room or stay firm in your resolve?


4 responses to “Anxiety to Perfection

  1. I just went to the store today for my weekly groceries and, to my surprise, I walked by all the Easter candy displays without a second look! Ever since I’ve been eating healthier, all those sugary treats are WAY to sweet to me now, so they’re not even that enjoyable anymore. But I’ll admit, when the hormones are going crazy, a mini Snickers from a co-workers’ candy bowl will find its way into my tummy. Nobody’s perfect. 🙂

  2. 4.8lbs away?! That’s AWSOME!! Way to go not giving in to your inner saboteur!! I will admit, when I feel the need to binge on candy, I have a jello sugar free dark chocolate pudding cup. OMG…hits the spot every time and I feel sated. Way to go, keep up the awsome work!!!

  3. Fantastic milestone ahead!

    I will admit that I very calmly picked up an entire box of the one candy that I generally have every year this time to check the nutritional information. For one serving, it wasn’t terrible. But it was also full of junk that I’m really trying not to put in my body, and once I thought about all of those ingredients, it was easier to resist.

    I’m not doing the massive cakes I usually do for our family gathering today. I may make some coconut macaroons, because I found a recipe that makes a small number and I’ve left some wiggle room in my plan for the past couple of days so I can eat one, but I may give myself a pass, too. I’m just 4 pounds away from 80 pounds lost, so if you can avoid a whole aisle of temptation, surely I can avoid going to the trouble of baking! Thanks for the boost to my resolve!

  4. 4.8 pounds away. Wow! You give me hope, girl!
    Easter was a blast for me. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t have any conflicts about what I was eating. I relished every bite, I tasted the love that each dish was made of, I complemented my relatives on their delicious offerings. Because I’m an emotional eater, I’ve had to learn to make friends with all sorts of foods. That way, I avoid the diet/cheat/guilt/binge cycle. Interestingly, one chocolate Rolo was enough to satisfy my craving. Maybe because I’ve been indulging with all types of food all along? So, I didn’t have a back log of deprived feelings? That’s my two cents. Shelby

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