Measuring Up

As part of my personal training contract, I get measured every so often.  This time Denise and I waited a little longer to measure (mostly my doing because I was so focused on other things).  I always get nervous about measuring – afraid somehow the numbers will go UP!

This round of measurements left me feeling excited and angry/frustrated at the same time.  Why must emotions be so complex?!  As you all know, I have been limited on my lower body workouts with this crazy knee malfunction.  That lack of really pushing those muscles showed up *crystal clear* in my measurements:

AREA – Starting / February / NOW
Neck – 14″ / 14″ / 13.5″
Shoulders – 54″ / 45.2″ / 41.5″
Arms – 19″ / 16.5″ / 15.8″
Bust – 54.5″ / 48.2″ / 46″
Natural Waist – 48″ / 35.5″ / 34″
Bellybutton – 52″ / 40″ / 39.5″
Hips – 58.75″ / 51″ / 50″
Thighs – 37.5″ / 27.7″ / 27.5″
Calves – 21″ / 18.2″ / 18″


Notice the trend?  All of my upper body measurements decreased pretty dramatically.  The lower body measurements barely moved.  That is clear evidence of not working them hard enough (or at all).

I have recently been cleared for squatting and lunging again, though.  So, you *know* I have been a squatting, lunging fool!  Next time I get measured, those lower body measurements *better* be lower!

Do you measure?  If so, how often do you measure?  Do you find measuring helps you see progress when the scale is refusing?

Oh – and my BMI has gone from 49.33 to 34.9, too.  That is pretty exciting!

Just one more thing…as you may (or may not) know, I graduated college back in January with a degree in business.  It was my intention to head back to school in June for a degree in graphic design.  I; however, have decided to change my major to health & wellness.  So, I will be starting school again on June 6th with the intention of becoming a personal trainer!  I am pretty stoked about this decision, and what it means for the rest of my life.

I have to take a minute to thank Denise.  Without her guidance, support, and encouragement I would not have come this far…and I doubt I would have realized just *how much* passion I have for fitness and health.  She is absolutely amazing, and I truly love and admire her.  It was her nudging that even got me thinking about becoming a personal trainer.  So, thanks, Denise!

8 weeks; 1 day
20.6 pounds

That means only 5.4 pounds to go to 100 pounds lost!  🙂


6 responses to “Measuring Up

  1. Erica, that’s awesome news about you becoming a personal trainer. I think you would be an awesome trainer because you’ve been in your client’s shoes. Congrats on such a dramatic change in your BMI, too!
    You might want to check out the article I’m going to post later today. It’s an interview with a friend of mine who’s a ACE Certified Personal Trainer. As a bonus, I’m going to post a video of her demonstrating lunges — your favorite! Shelby

  2. You are doing so great! I love success stories! WTG!

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