Countdown To Century: 8

As of this morning I have only EIGHT more pounds to BURN to reach 100 pounds lost!


This number is pretty exciting to me for a few reasons:

1. This is *definitely* the lowest weight I have seen on the scale as an adult!

2. My BMI is now 34.92 which puts me in the Obese Class 1 category instead of my previous Obese Class 3 (morbid obesity) and Obese Class 2 categories!  That’s pretty exciting!

3. I am only 38 pounds away from my initial goal weight of 185…and I am only 23.2 pounds away from being in one-derland!  I cannot believe I am that close in only eight and a half months!!!

I am sure Monday’s rigorous workout schedule helped tremendously!  I spent nearly FOUR hours working out at the gym between physical therapy, cardio, Denise, and power yoga.  It was insane!  By the time we were in the last 10 minutes of yoga I actually wondered if my arms would hold me up for 10 more minutes.  🙂

So, in light of Monday’s insanity, I took it pretty easy yesterday and spent only about an hour at the gym.  I do not want this body to strike against my efforts of weight loss, so I must treat her nicely.

10 weeks; 2 days
23.2 pounds

How is your week coming along?


9 responses to “Countdown To Century: 8

  1. Erika, I just found your blog and am loving it! Great pictures! Honest, inspiring content. You are inspiring me on my journey to lose 100 pounds in 1 year. If you have time, feel free to check out my blog at Shelby

    • Hi Shelby!
      Thanks for the kind words – I appreciate them! The journey has certainly had its ups and downs, but every single second was worth it. You can do it, too – just keep at it even when you have a bad day or slip up. You’ll be surprised how fast the time slips away and you’ll be thankful for every pound gone. 🙂


  2. good luck with those 8!

  3. I weighed myself yesterday morning and was up a pound (from eating the most delicious, salt infused food the night before). Of course I felt like crap. So I ate great all day yesterday: lots of fruits and veggies, grains and TONS of water to flush out my system. I weighed myself this morning (I never weigh two days in a row because I’d drive myself crazy doing that every week) and I was down 4.5 POUNDS! I knew it was all water weight, but with those 4.5 pounds, I have lost my goal of 5 pounds this month and it puts me at 25 pounds lost total! I feel amazing today (thanks for asking). Congratulations on getting to this point. Keep pushing!! 🙂

    • I also try not to weigh every single day because the fluctuations tend to frustrate me as well. I do typically weigh a few times a week, though…which sometimes still shows fluctuations. Congrats on meeting your monthly goal…and for being down 25 pounds! That’s a fabulous accomplishment that you should be *very* proud of! 🙂


  4. This is excellent! Well done 🙂

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