Weigh Day (week thirty-six)

I must admit this was an unexpected kind of week…in the best possible way!  I had some schedule changes in relation to my workout, and I think that was a great thing.

Here is what my week looked like:

Sunday – R.I.P. workout, inchworms, leg work, core work

Monday – physical therapy and power yoga

Tuesday – 30 min. with Neil

Wednesday – self defense and TRX with Denise

Thursday – 30 min. with Neil

Friday – physical therapy and 40 min. with Neil

Physical therapy is a *big* change in the way I have been working my body – namely my legs.  Ever since this whole knee malfunction, I have not been squatting, lunging, jumping, or otherwise irritating this knee.  That also means; however, that I have not really worked them good enough to make them burn or be sore the next day.  Physical therapy; however, makes my legs *burn* like crazy and feel like limp noodles (which is lovely)!  I truly believe that this addition to my routine has helped this week’s weigh in tremendously!

Power yoga is another new addition this week, and it kicked my butt (as I mentioned previously).  Denise also experimented with me on Wednesday night with some TRX, which I am still slightly sore from in a couple places.  It was amazing (and brand new to my body).

All of these new things combined created one powerful week as far as my weigh in goes.  This is something I was not expecting:


That is another 4.2 pound loss from last week!  This is exciting for a couple reasons!  First, that brings me to 90.6 total pounds lost in 36 weeks!  Second, that means I am 9.4 pounds away from 100 pounds lost (century club)!  How exciting, right?!

So, I think I am going to start a “Century Club Countdown” – which means I will report weigh ins throughout the week as the numbers go down.  I will still have my “official” weekly weigh in on Sundays, though.

Some other exciting news is that Dorsey told me once I hit 100 pounds lost he is going to throw me a party at Fitworks!  He is going to DJ and the whole thing, so it should be loads of fun with some of my favorite people in the world!  My life feels like it is really starting to come together, and I love it!

I wanted to leave you with this:

 To be honest, I am not sure just how much difference I can tell between January’s photo and yesterday’s.  I see small things, I suppose, which is fine.  I know I am heading in the right direction!

10 weeks; 5 days
24.6 pounds

How was your week?


4 responses to “Weigh Day (week thirty-six)

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  2. Well done on a fantastic week 🙂

    My week has been good. I’m feeling like I’m finally crunching through a plateau, and hope to see my weight heading downwards a bit faster again now. But mainly I’ve been building so much muscle that it doesn’t really matter. All good.

    Climbing a hill tomorrow – it’s 150 storeys high, so quite a challenge! Wish me luck – I’ll take photos from the top 🙂

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