Weigh Day (week thirty-four)

I must admit I have mixed feelings about this day.  Part of me is frustrated, and part of me is content.  Go figure.

This week was a busy gym week for me.  I worked out with Denise Sunday and Monday.  Tuesday brought just cardio (Neil Armstrong machine).  Wednesday was self defense class with Dorsey and a hefty arms/abs workout.  Thursday was Zumba, and Friday was me floating around the gym for two hours working my legs – in the limited ways I am able to.  So, Saturday (yesterday) was the only day I did not step foot into the gym.  I was expecting to see much better results on the scale.  Not so much.


That is a loss from last week – one pound.  Again.  What is up with that?  Here is what is really strange…  Last week when I wrote my weigh in on my chart at the gym, Denise noticed a little pattern:

Week 28 – 4.2 pounds lost
Week 29 – 1.0 pound lost
Week 30 – 1.0 pound lost
Week 31 – 2.0 pounds lost
Week 32 – 1.8 pounds lost
Week 33 – 4.2 pounds lost
Week 34 – 1.0 pound lost

Can you see it?  So, theoretically, I will only lose another one pound next week when I weigh in…if this pattern holds true.  Of course, I hope it does not.  Losing one pound during a week irritates me, honestly.  Especially during weeks like this where I know I have worked *hard* to lose more than that.  I do not even think it can be explained away with muscle either.  I only lifted weights one day this week (Wednesday).

I know I should not find this *that* frustrating.  It is certainly better than gaining anything on any week, which I know some of my blogger friends have that to deal with.  Despite thinking of it in that way, though, I am still bothered by it.  So, I will be back in the gym today (in less than one hour) working toward a more-than-one-pound loss next week.  Here’s to hoping…

12 weeks; 5 days
29.4 pounds


13 responses to “Weigh Day (week thirty-four)

  1. Okay, I just have to point out that you are averaging more than two pounds lost per week. IMO that is great! And the experts will tell you time and time again that slow loss is more likely to be permanent loss. And even at that they tend to recommend a pound a week. So in my eyes you are doing great!!! And not a plateau or gain:)

    • I know you’re right, Karen. Sometimes I just get caught up and frustrated (and I’m likely to do it again) when I see only a pound down. That, of course, is after an entire week of fluctuations as I weigh in Monday through Friday. The lowest weight I seen this week was 229.0, but then it shot back up to 231.0 the very next day. Overall I still ended up down, so I really don’t mean to complain…I know weight fluctuates from day to day.

      I guess if I were hoping for 1 pound each week I would be happy. However, I am much happier with 2 pounds per week, which makes 1 pound seem nearly unsuccessful. There’s that mindset playing games with me again, right? LOL

      Thanks for the pep talk! 🙂

  2. Gotta love tracking to notice those patterns! Hehe. At least your loved ones can now work out when to avoid you by reading your blog!

    But seriously, weigh ins are always, ALWAYS stressful. I don’t even want to think what it must be like for those people on BIggest Loser, and shows like that. There’s no way I could ever be on one of those shows, just because of the stress of the weigh ins!

    And what on EARTH is a Neil Armstrong machine? You have me curious now!

    • I could not imagine being on the Biggest Loser either…for a couple reasons. First, you would *NEVER* catch me on national television practically naked with *all* my fat and flab hanging out. Seriously, not enough money in the world for that kind of appearance – LOL Second, you’re right…weigh-ins are extremely stressful. Add to that stress a whole team of people staring you down hoping you lost less than them, and then your own team staring you down hoping you lost a ton of weight to save the team. I also do not like that people will lose 7 or 10 pounds in *ONE* week (which is incredible…and potentially unhealthy) and still get “harrassed” because it wasn’t enough. I admit that I am not a fan of the show, nor have I ever watched an entire episode all the way through…but, I did see a guy tearing up on the scale because he was “disappointed to let the team down” when he lost *only* 10 pounds that week. Really?!? *ONLY* 10 pounds…in *ONE* week!!! How could that *possibly* be considered any kind of disappointment.

      Guess I’d get kicked off the team in a *hurry* with my peasly *one* pound loss, huh?! LOL


      • I’d definitely get kicked off the team too – I’ve been tracking at an average of about two pounds a week. AND I’m happy with that – shame on me!

        But I *did* watch the very first Australian season of TBL – got hooked on it. Couldn’t believe how much they were losing – and how nasty they were to one another! They really attacked each other, and the thing became an all-out bitchfest.

        I mean, I understand they’re under pressure, and the filming then selects the “most exciting” snippets, but people really don’t have to behave like primary school kids.

        After that I never watched a season.

      • Yeah, see, that seems unnecessary to me as well. I would much rather watch a show where people are supportive and rooting for each other’s loss (no matter how large or small). I could not imagine having *that* kind of added pressure when trying to overcome/battle obesity. It is hard enough without all that criticism – LOL


    • Oh! I forgot to address the Neil Armstrong machine. 🙂 It is a special kind of elliptical machine that makes me feel like I’m walking/jogging/running on the moon. I absolutely *love* the machine…more so than any of the other kinds of elliptical machines offered at my gym. The impact is practically non-existent on my knee (and ankle), which makes it ideal for me. Also – I think, in general, you have to work a little harder on this machine than the other ellipticals…but that is just my opinion.

      Neil Armstrong Machine


      PS) Hopefully that picture shows up exactly as I want it to. I’ve never embedded an image in a reply comment before – LOL

  3. OMG! It looks like some sort of medieval torture machine! LOL. I think I’ll stick with my weights 😉 I understand those!

    • The machine does look a little intimidating, which is why it took me a little over six months (and a strong urging/demanding from a girlfriend) to get on it. However, now I absolutely *love* it – especially because of my knee injury. I would not be able to “run” any other way right now. 🙂

      Don’t get me wrong, though…I love some weights, too! 🙂


  4. The nearer you get to your goal, the more difficult it is to shed the pounds. Don’t give up though. You are doing well.

    • Thanks, Colline! I know it will get more challenging to lose the weight (logically, anyway). I just have to get my mind in a better place to still feel successful at the end of the week.

      I will also feel much better after I get this knee situation under control and can go back to working out the way I like to – challenging. 🙂


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