Weigh Day (week thirty-two)

Yes, this post is a day late…sorry about that.  My Internet connection has been acting up (I have already had a few “go rounds” with Cincinnati Bell, who is extremely unhelpful), so I could not seem to get this posted yesterday.  Ick.

Anyway…last week was really something.  Negativity flowed to me in (seemingly) every direction.  I hate weeks like that.  A long-time friend of mine passed away over last weekend, and his funeral was Thursday night.  He was only 36 and leaves behind a wife and four small children.  It was heart-breaking – truly.  So, my mind was not completely focused throughout the week – making it hard to compensate for my knee and shoulder.

Monday means physical therapy and little time for a “full” workout.  Tuesday there was no time for the gym.  Wednesday seemed to look better as I began working out with Denise…until my mother showed up and needed me to leave immediately with her.  That meant all of five minutes with Denise and only 12 minutes on the Neil Armstrong machine for warm up.  Thursday was the funeral, but I snuck in about 45 minutes at the gym before.  That was a decent workout, I suppose.  Friday brought a visit with my doctor…

He suspects I have tendonitis in my left rotator cuff (received a cortizone shot) and a torn meniscus in my left knee.  I have an MRI scheduled tomorrow afternoon to see for sure what is going on with this knee.  In the meantime, of course, I was told, “No running, jumping, hopping, or skipping…nothing with high impact on that knee.”  As if that was not bad enough (for someone determined to jump rope successfully…), I was also instructed to “take it easy on the shoulder – no lifting heavy weights or raising it above your head…for at least a few days.”

So, after physical therapy on Friday, I was at a loss as far as working out.  Luckily, I ran into one of the other trainers who said he would help me (since he had absolutely nothing to do anyway).  I ended up working out, with Dorsey’s help, for about 30 minutes.  Although I must admit, after I got home I felt like I barely did anything.  Sigh.

Sunday is my “Denise Day” – and I always look forward to them!  However, some how I was scheduled for noon instead of my normal noon-thirty.  That, of course, means I showed up for my appointment late and Denise had other clients.  Boo!  Just one more thing that felt like it was not going my way.  I worked out anyway…again, though, feeling like I was not doing very much.  Despite the knee, I hopped on the Neil Armstrong machine and did just over two miles.  It felt *great* to sweat…it felt less than great to limp off the machine and down the stairs, though.

Right now I am in this “everything stinks” funk, which will not last long.  Once I process the information thoroughly (meaning that I have to know what is up with this knee) and develop a plan, I will be fine.  Regardless of the outcome, though, I will continue going to the gym…surgery or not.  I trust my trainer completely…and the rest of the staff at Fitworks…to help me continue to work toward my weight loss goals – even if we have to work around a few complications.  Thank goodness for a great support system, right?!

So, about weighing in…

Yesterday I weighed in at 234.4.  That is 1.8 pounds down from last week.  This is pretty exciting because it brings me to a total of 80.6 pounds lost!!!  Excellent!

This week should be another interesting week with creative workouts.  I meet with Denise tonight (thank goodness she had an available time), so I am bound to feel better after that!

14 weeks; 4 days
34.6 pounds


5 responses to “Weigh Day (week thirty-two)

  1. Sorry about your friend and your injuries:(

  2. Sorry you had such a tough week. Take it easy & keep us posted on what news you get from the MRI. I know you can handle whatever the news is – you are TOO STRONG to be derailed by an injury. Even if you have to scale way back while recovering, I know you can do it.

    • The MRI went well…much quicker than I remember it taking for my ankle last year. So, they said it would be interpreted and sent over to my Dr by the day’s end. Now I just get to wait for my Dr to let me know what it showed…that is the hard part…waiting.

      Thankfully, I have the best trainer and she is already working on things I can do with the bum knee and shoulder. Have I mentioned lately how awesome she is?! LOL – She worked me out last night and I was *pouring* sweat, but never used my knee or bothered my shoulder. That’s smart working out at its finest. 🙂

      You’re right, Andie, these injuries will absolutely *not* hold me back. This girl is on a mission! LOL


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