Weigh Day (week thirty-one)

I am pretty sure I have good news here, folks.  If I was experiencing a plateau over the course of the last couple weeks, I am pretty sure that is no longer the case!

With the help and wisdom of my trainer, Denise, encouraging me to cut back on weight lifting, eating more veggies, and spending more time with the Neil Armstrong machine…this is what I read on the scale:


That is *two* pounds (exactly) down from last week!  I will certainly take that with a happy smile upon my face!  As I mentioned last week, I have come to realize my birthday goal of 225 on 2/25 will not happen.  To be honest, I am slightly bummed about that, but really I cannot be upset when I will be *considerably* healthier when my 30th rolls around in a couple weeks.  This will be the healthiest/thinnest I have been for a birthday since…maybe 21…maybe.  The last birthday I know *for sure* I was lighter/thinner than this would have been 18.  Insanity.

I do find myself getting increasingly excited to get below the 200 mark, which is crazy just to be thinking I am even close enough to get excited about it…  This is *definitely* going to be the year, though.  Definitely.  I *will* be under 200 pounds in 2012.  So, I think I am going to set up a new goal tracker counting down to both summer (swimsuit time) and “one”derland.  I want to be *under* 200 pounds by June 1, 2012.

15 weeks; 5 days
36.4 pounds

I chose 36.4 pounds as the goal amount because that would put me right at 199.8.  That averages out to be 2.3 pounds each week…which is possible to do.  I have high hopes for this goal, folks…*really* high hopes!

So, later today I will be meeting with Denise.  I do believe she has some HIIT (high intensity interval training) planned out for me, which should be interesting.  I am also going to attempt to do a Zumba class after I finish with Denise.  That, of course, depends on just how badly she kicks my booty, though.  We shall see…

I have some posts in the works for you all, so hopefully I will get to those within the next day or so.  I will be busy rehearsing/re-working lines for my commercial (my own lines…not scripted…just still working on cramming all the wonderful things I have to say in 15 seconds or less), dying my hair, and all kinds of other fun stuff.  Oh – by the way – I picked up two workout shirts yesterday…real ones, not just plain T-shirts (which is what I have been wearing this whole time).  I think *technically* they are too big for me because they are supposed to really “hug” your body, but I am just not ready for all that clingy clothing with all my squishy underneath.  🙂  Maybe sometime soon, though.


7 responses to “Weigh Day (week thirty-one)

  1. Good for you!!! And fun that you bought new workout clothes:)

    • Karen,
      I must admit this was the first time in what seems like my whole life I actually enjoyed shopping for clothes. I fit into several things right off the rack…some of which were actually *too* big! This was a problem I know I have never experienced before now! The two shirts I ended up buying were an XL, but I easily fit into the large. I chose to go one size bigger so they didn’t “hug” my body. I’m just not that comfortable with my midsection yet…especially at the gym (or on TV) in front of other people. 🙂 I’ll get there someday, though, I’m sure.


  2. That’s awesome news Erica! I’m so happy that your plateau is no more!!! Yay! Happy dance…and I used to love that feeling of buying new clothes. Not quite there yet, but hopefully soon, I’ll be happy to go shopping again. 🙂 But, glad to here about your new workout clothes. Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂 ~Charity

    • Thanks, Charity!
      I cannot recall the last time buying (or even looking at) clothes wasn’t completely stressful. It is a foreign (but welcomed) feeling to actually be kind of excited to do it.

      How are things going for you with the new pedometer? Hopefully you find the little gadget motivating. 🙂


      • I really do like it! Although, I still haven’t gotten my steps up over 5,000 yet. I haven’t been able to walk on my lunch except one day because the weather has been really icky down here. We had rain last week, snow/ice/rain Monday, sunny yesterday, and then rain again today. Our temps last week were in the 60’s then Monday down in the 20’s now back up in the 60’s..sheesh! The saying here is, “If you don’t like the weather in AR just stick around a while, it’ll change” 😉 But, the pedometer is a really neat gadget! Does it only pick up calories burned when you’re walking? I was just wondering if I should wear it when I do my exercise video, which is mostly dancing, if it will read my calories burned in the exercise mode? Your thoughts? Hope you’re having a fabulous day! ~Charity 🙂

      • Charity,
        I put the little gadget on as soon as I get out of bed (right after I put glasses on my face), and I leave it on *all* day long regardless of what I am doing. I do not use the activity tracker feature because most of the time I just forget – LOL So, I would just keep it on even when you do your dancing. 🙂


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