Magic Weight Loss Pill

So, there is such a thing…go figure.  🙂


Click the picture to be taken to the site where I found this cool photo.

10 responses to “Magic Weight Loss Pill

    • That’s a good workout routine…especially for those who don’t go to the gym! You wouldn’t really need any equipment for any of those moves. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing, Andie!

      • We talked about a similar workout in my class a few weeks ago, and it dawned on me that this summer, when we hit the road, I’m not going to be near a gym. So, as much as I hate things like this, looks like it is in my future. Conveniently enough, my trainer seems to have my no-gym time in mind now that I look back at the exercises we’ve been doing.

      • That is one of my favorite things about working with my trainer. She always has me do things that do not require expensive/heavy gym equipment. Things I can do anywhere. Today, in fact, she had me doing football drills (running quickly in place and shuffling) and burpees (awful name, by the way)…in addition to *many* other things. LOL


  1. It’s so true! So, I am on the weight loss pill then…lol

    • Me too…and I didn’t even know it! I should print this out on little 3X5 flyers. When people ask what I’m doing to lose the weight I’ll just hand them a flyer. LOL


  2. I like it! And the 80% part shows that the belief that we can do it is the most important.

    • I really liked this photo for the same reason, Colline. It is true that one’s mindset really sets the stage for success (or failure). I also believe (at least in my experience) that is the hardest obstacle to overcome.


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    It DOES exist!

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