Six Weeks For Change

One of my blogger friends, Karen, has posted a “challenge” to use the remaining six weeks of winter to implement change in your life.  She lists quite a bit of possible ideas you could use to kick start your life in the direction you are looking for.  I decided to use a couple of her suggestions (because they were relevant to me) and add one more for good measure.

Here are my six-week changes:

1. Go to at least one Zumba class (preferrably more because hopefully I will love it)
2. Try new recipes (and, of course, share with you all).  To make this more specific…I intend to try at least six new recipes over the next six weeks.
3. Improve my balance.  I will work on this in a number of ways, the first being physical therapy (twice weekly).  They are constantly working on my balance (especially in that right ankle).  I also intend to work on this using yoga (twice weekly) and other methods.
4. Jump rope (successfully).  If I make myself jump rope at least four times a week (every day I am at the gym) for even five minutes, it would stand to reason I would improve greatly over six weeks…right?

I invite you to visit Karen’s blog and take on the task of implementing changes (big or small) in your life over the next six weeks.  These weeks will just fly by and you will be glad you challenged yourself to make them really count.


7 responses to “Six Weeks For Change

  1. I look forward to reading the recipes. Always look for something new to make 🙂

    • Colline,
      I *love* cooking (and baking). I often joke and say that my kitchen and I are best friends. 🙂 I will certainly be sure to share the recipes I end up testing…and hopefully loving.


  2. Good idea – although down here in New Zealand, we’re on the last few weeks on summer instead!

    My changes:

    – clearing out my wardrobe of “fat clothes”. Also clearing out the “WTF did I buy that!!!” clothes 😉
    – doing a late summer clear out of the house and garden. It needs it, after the long school holidays, with the kids spending lots of time making a mess around the place!

    • Hey – I have clothes like that! I often look at old clothes and think, “What in the world was I thinking?!” Sometimes I even throw in a, “What was I on when I bought that?!” I can honestly say I had things in my closet I do not recall ever wearing…much less the memory of purchasing it! 🙂

      I am anxiously awaiting spring so I can go out and get our veggie plots ready to go…I love gardening (although I’m not really good at it just yet).

      Great six-week plans! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing!

  3. Thanks for the shout out and I’m glad you got motivated by it. I actually gave thought to making a badge and naming a “challenge” as others have done but since I tend to fail at every official challenge I join, I gave up the idea. (Okay, I also gave up trying to figure out how to make a badge!) You have great goals. I need to write mine down and post them somewhere so I don’t forget them!!!!!

    • Karen,
      It’s funny you mention writing them down so you don’t forget them…
      I was telling my mother that I had given myself four goals to meet in six weeks. We were standing in the kitchen and I started naming them…only there were three, not four. I sat there and named those same three for about 10 minutes when I looked at my mother and said, “Sheesh. Thank goodness I already blogged them, otherwise I would have no idea what that fourth one was going to be!” LOL


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