Weigh Day (week twenty-seven)

Let me just start by saying this week’s weigh in made me *much* happier than last week’s.  I am inching closer to my birthday goal, which I may still not make (by the way).  I do not think I have mentioned this (although I may have and forgot), but my birthday goal weight of 225 is actually the lowest I have ever weighed as an adult.  So, going below that number should be quite exhilarating…and I cannot wait.

On to this morning…I weighed in at 244.4, which is a 2.6 pound loss from last week.  That brings my grand total to 70.6 pounds in 27 weeks.  Insanity, really.  I am actually speechless to think that more than *seventy* pounds used to be attached to my body.  I just simply cannot wrap my head around it.  Cannot.

I have started to wonder about excess skin this week, though.  For those of you out there who have lost a significant amount of weight…was this a problem for you?  Did you take any preventative measures to help reduce your risk of excess skin (such as creams or special exercises to tone/tighten)?  Anyone have any idea how in the world I will be able to tell if I have “excess” skin?  I mean, I am “squishy” right now…in my abdomen…but that does not constitute “excess” skin, does it?

41 days
19.4 pounds


5 responses to “Weigh Day (week twenty-seven)

  1. CONGRATS on your loss this week!
    Excess skin is just when it is literally hanging, limply from your body. Generally, when you lose weight slow enough (1-2 pounds a week), your body can rebuild collagen fast enough to prevent that sag.

    • Thanks for the info – I truly appreciate that! So, I am safe to say I definitely do *not* have excess skin…as of right now. 🙂 I have watched shows (like “HEAVY”) where people require surgery for it, but they never show it without clothes on before surgery. I started to freak myself out there a little, so thanks for reeling me back in safely. LOL


  2. Woohoo! Nice loss! That makes me smile! 🙂 As for the loose skin, I wouldn’t know personally..just starting my journey. But, I would think this is something you could also ask your trainer about. She probably knows different exercises to gain muscle mass and keep your body toned as you lose. Happy Monday!

    • Thanks! Denise (my trainer) does such a wonderful variety of workouts that I do not think I will ever have this problem…although that did not stop my mind from starting to percolate. LOL – I’m crazy and obsessive like that. 🙂


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