{might be} A Local Celebrity

Yup, that’s me (from November 2011)…and I might just become some sort of local celeb.  How, you ask?  Here’s the story:

I went into the gym this afternoon for physical therapy (ankle) and was stopped by the GM of trainers.  He told me he was given a budget to film some testimonials for personal training…and that I was at the top of his list.  Go figure.  So, of course, I asked what the intended purpose of the testimonials would be…marketing (commercials and such, folks).  Me.  On television.

You might think I was immediately excited and thrilled to have such an honor, but that was not the case.  Not at all.  The first thing that popped into my head was being “that fat girl on TV” every time I went to the grocery.  Crazy.  I know.  I actually contemplated telling him I would not do it.  In fact, I was *this* close to doing exactly that.  Then…

It occurred to me just how awesome my trainer is, and how nice it would be to share that…and show some appreciation.  How could I not help them spread the word about how amazing my gym is?  How could I be so selfish, right?  More people *should* know that Fitworks is different.  Fitworks is can be life changing (with some personal dedication, of course).  Most of all, though, I am going to do it for the same reason I created this blog:

Maybe, just maybe, someone else out there will think…”If she can do it, I can do it.”  Maybe I can help to inspire someone to change their life.  If that happens, it would certainly be worth it to be “that fat girl on TV” for a while.  After all, I won’t be fat for much longer…right?  🙂


4 responses to “{might be} A Local Celebrity

  1. How great that you love your trainer:) My mom and I work out with one twice a week and we’ve been through a few over the years as they have left the gym for various reasons. It is always hard to start over, never knowing if we’ll like the new one as much.

    • I went through a little of that to begin with. We had our original evaluation with #1, then sent to #2 who left to coach basketball…#3 was great, but not all that experienced and decided it wasn’t the right career for her…and that brought us to #4 (Denise). I am thankful to have had multiple trainers before her, though. It makes me truly appreciate her awesomeness (LOL) because not all trainers are even close to her league. 🙂


  2. You should totally do it! I’m always so impressed when I see personal testimonials in commercials – it has exactly the effect on me you want it to have, the if she can do it, I can do it effect. Maybe you should negotiate for some discounted or free sessions in exchange for your time & labor & image being used in their campaign. 🙂

    • Andie,
      He mentioned a “budget” when discussing it with me yesterday, so I assume there is some sort of compensation in mind. I have no idea what kind/how much, though. I’d certainly be willing to exchange some free sessions for a testimonial, though. 🙂


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