I Have Nothing But Love…

…for my trainer.  I mean that from the very bottom of my heart.  She is absolutely, positively amazing…and I am actually a little teary-eyed just thinking about how awesome she is.

She truly believes in me, and that is such a nice (and foreign) feeling.  She challenges me and really pushes my limits.  Limits that I would have never pushed on my own.  I love that she takes the time to actually *teach* me in addition to just working me out in the gym.  She has given me countless tools to take with me even when I am not in the gym.  I love that she is honest with me and calls me out when she thinks I am holding back (especially when I do not realize I am).  She does not sugar-coat things for me, and she encourages me when I feel like I cannot do anymore.

Without even knowing or trying, she has changed my life in such a profound way.  She inspires me to give more than I ever thought I could give, and I will never be able to thank her appropriately.  Words are just simply too shallow to suffice.  (The over-gifter inside me is going crazy with ideas for things to buy her, which is hilarious…and a little creepy, by the way)

Oh, and by the way:

40 days
17.8 pounds

That birthday goal may not be as “unattainable” as I thought, folks.  Who knows…


2 responses to “I Have Nothing But Love…

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