Weigh Day (week twenty-two)

This is a continuity that I am thankful for right now…each Sunday I get to weigh in and check my progress.  Over the last two weeks or so all my continuity went *right* out the window.  The interesting thing is I never really considered myself to be a “scheduled” kind of person.  I always thought of myself as a “go-with-the-flow” kind of gal.  Apparently not.  Not anymore, anyway.

Let us just suffice it to say the last two or so weeks have been chaos.  Purely.  My life was completely flipped upside down and it was all I could do to hold on tight and hope it would straighten out quickly.  While my life is not back to normal completely, it appears as though it is getting there.  Finally.

My younger daughter’s birthday party was last Sunday, which meant I ended up canceling my appointment with Denise (trainer).  I had every intention of going to see her that day, but my stress levels were on the rise and things just were not getting accomplished.  So, I had to sacrifice the time away and prepare for the party.  Big mistake.

Monday night (another regular gym night) I ended up having one of my stupid seizures.  This, of course, prevented me from going to the gym.  Dorsey (boss of the trainers) told me several times that if I showed up at the gym after having a seizure he would personally run me out.  That whole, “Listen to your body” thing again.  Sigh.

Tuesday night is not a normal gym night, but I was dying to go.  It had been since Friday, and my body could tell that something was up.  I went by myself and did my entire arms/abs routine.  Going by myself means the routine is done *much* quicker.  Surprisingly so, in fact.  The biggest “hitch;” however, was that the elliptical machines were in the path of an industrial fan blowing on high.  I did not break a sweat.  I started to, but then the fan just dried it all up and kept me cool.  At the time I did not think much of it, but apparently that is not great for weight loss.

Wednesday I was back to the gym (a normal night), but we ended up going so late that I just did not have time for cardio after.  It was a little after 8:00 and my girlies needed to go to bed.  So, needless to say I left the gym a little grumpier than expected.

Friday, back to the gym, and no giant industrial fan on the elliptical machines.  I sweat so much I could wring out my shirt after (had I really wanted to…which I did not).  It was glorious.  I felt amazing.

All my emotional baggage and lack of normal gym routine showed up on the scales this morning.  In a big way.  I should mention that my food consumption did not change under the pressure and stress, which I am elated about.  Truly.  The “old” me would have taken the messed up gym routine and stress as a clear sign I should be eating whatever I wanted – and in mass quantity.  What a victory that was in itself.  (Fellow food addicts can understand that one)

So, how did weigh in go, you ask?  Well, I am down this week, which I guess should make me happy…although I am not.  254.2 on the scale this morning.  Exactly *one* pound down from last week.  Yes, one pound is one pound, but when I have been consistently losing two, three, or more pounds each week, a one-pound week feels a little similar to nothing.

Instead of focusing on my dreary one-pound loss for the week, though…it does bring about something pretty exciting.  As of this morning I have lost 60.8 pounds total.  In 22 weeks.  That is certainly nothing to be upset about…not in the least.  In fact, I am quite happy with that kind of progress.  How could I not be?

In another arena…I have several posts on the burners here.  So, be on the lookout for an increase in communication.  I have missed writing tremendously.  It motivates me not only to type it out, but to hear the encouraging and helpful words from all of you…and the advice certainly does not hurt.  🙂

How do you cope when your routine is interrupted?  Do you find yourself engulfed in a moment of weakness with food in your hand?


6 responses to “Weigh Day (week twenty-two)

  1. congrats on the progress.

    don’t worry about the fan – sweating is NOT a sign of effort, it is a sign of the body working to maintain temperature. heart rate is a sign of effort. any significant weight loss you take from sweating is temporary water weight that comes back as soon as you have a few drinks of water.

  2. Congratulations on hitting the 60 pound mark. I’m 1 or 2 pounds away from that milestone, too. Yea for us!

    And awesome job not letting the disruption of your routine derail your eating. That’s a sign of real and true progress. I wouldn’t be surprised if you make up for the single pound loss this week with a bigger loss next week. Keep it up!

    • I like your thinking, Andie, I really do. Here’s to hoping for a four pound loss next week, huh? 🙂 Congrats to you, too! It still seems a little surreal to me, and I still have some mind-set issues to work on. But I’m getting there!


  3. Congratulations on hitting the 60 pound loss!!!! I was at my work’s gym today and did not use the fan on the treadmill. (They got us all new equipment!) I was afraid not to sweat after you said that! : ) I hope things are looking up for you as far as life being turned upside down. Our lives have been similar the last few weeks as I too have been struggling with some issues that have caused me to have to skip the gym for a little over a week due to illness and some other issues! I am happy to report that I lost 2.2 this week which AMAZED me! I am at 254 as well! So cool that we both might make our Christmas Day goal of 250???? Anywho I am afraid that not being in the gym means I lost muscle instead of fat?? I have followed the eating plan pretty well during the last week and a half away from the gym but not perfectly. I am concerned that I did lose muscle. : ( What do you think?

    • Let me preface by saying I am not an expert (by any stretch of the imagination). 🙂

      I do not think you would lose muscle that quickly. If you have been going to the gym consistently for a while (which I believe you have, right?) it would take more than a few skipped days to lose muscle. My guess is that you are still losing fat…especially if your eating has still been on point. After all, what you eat is about 80% of weight loss…the gym is only 20% of the success. Of course, the gym helps to increase lean muscle and all that, which in turn burns more fat/calories. But, really, just for weight loss purposes the food is *much* more important than the gym.

      I also believe (wholeheartedly) that the Christmas goal of 250 will happen!!! It is only 4 more pounds away…and 13 days (just under two weeks). Completely attainable! 🙂

      Great job, Joanie!

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