Weigh Day (week eighteen)

Yes, it is that time again…good old weigh day.  This morning calls for a happy, happy day…a celebration is certainly in order.  What to do…what to do…

I weighed in this morning at 264.8, which means I have *officially* hit the 50-pound mark!!!  I am at 50.2 pounds total.  I am excited.  Elated.  Totally stoked.  Pumped.

This Wednesday I have my “fit eval” with Denise to measure my progress in inches (and weight on the machines), so I am looking forward to that as well.

Some random things I have been thinking this week (considering the milestone I have hit):

-My three-year-old daughter weighs about 40 pounds.  I have lost more than she weighs in just over four months.  Crazy.
-My seven-year-old daughter weighs about 59 pounds.  I have lost nearly her body weight in just over four months.  Insane.
-I have lost (at last measurement, which was thirteen weeks) over 40 inches.  That is more than three whole feet worth of me…gone.
-I bought one pair of workout pants this week.  My original workout pants were 3X (22-24).  The pair I bought this week were XL (16-18).  Amazing.

So, why is it that I *still* have yet to see someone thinner looking back in the mirror?  I have proof, confirmation, affirmation…but the eyes/mind just are not registering the changes.  This bothers me…more than a little.  This brings me to a couple questions for all of you (those who have lost a decent amount of weight):

1. Did you ever experience a “disconnect” in your body image during weight loss?
2. How long did this “disconnect” last before you could actually see the difference when you looked at yourself in the mirror?
3. Did you do anything “special” or “significant” to help yourself recognize the changes in your own body along the way (to either avoid or “cure” the “disconnect”)?


10 responses to “Weigh Day (week eighteen)

  1. congrats on 50.

    not til recently have I felt the gut is starting to shrink.

  2. Yea, 50! I just got there, too.

    I’ve always had a disconnect between how I actually look and what I think I look like. I don’t have a great answer or any advice.

    I can barely stand to look at photos, because I only see the flaws. The cheekbones I’m finally starting to see in the mirror never seem to make it into pictures. When I am exercising, though, I feel like I look like a million bucks with a totally athletic body. Is it bad for me when I walk around with that image of me in my mind’s eye, when I’m actually there? I don’t think so – I think it helps me project confidence, and that, so they say, looks good on anyone.

    Congrats on dropping to the XL – that is major progress, and proof positive that no matter how you see yourself, you are getting it done.

    • I know exactly what you mean about the photos. I have very few photos of myself over the past six or so years because I *hate* seeing myself. I always focus on my thighs/hips/stomach, though, more so than any other area. Although, I have noticed in my driver’s license picture my face appears to be swallowing my eyes because my cheeks are so “puffy.” I hope that is something that dimishes (if it hasn’t already).

      Speaking of my driver’s license…this is pretty amusing (and a little sad and embarrassing at the same time). I am actually 14.8 pounds away from the weight that is listed on my license! As I grew heavier, I never wanted to say my “real” weight out loud in public for everyone to hear. So, instead, I just said everything is the same. My license has had 250 for *years* even though I was *no where* near that. Now, though, I am getting very close…and I cannot wait to actually change it (LOWER)! 🙂


      • Yep – I had the same thought when I got my health insurance renewal info from the agent. Was all of this data still the same? Weight – 175? Um, sure, Yes. Will be in 7 pounds, so let’s just go with it, shall we?

        I’m absolutely going to get a new driver’s license. In Texas, they now keep a photo on file, so I think I’m going to have to make the case that airport security doesn’t recognize me in the photo or something to get a new one. Hope I get a sympathetic person.

      • My best friend lost about 90 pounds or so and she looked *completely* different on her license. Actually, the last few weeks she had it many people did not believe it was her in the picture. She said the BMV did not give her any trouble about taking a new picture because it was clear the ID was not a good resemblance of her any longer. I hope you get a sympathetic person, too! 🙂


  3. Congratulations Erica!

    Your updates on here inspire me so much! I reached the 20 lb. mark this morning so I have been so excited too. I have 80 to go!

    • That’s excellent, Joanie! I’m glad that my journey inspires you! You’ll get the remaining 80…I just know it! With which gym do you have a membership?


      • I have a 24 hour fitness center at work that I belong to and since the weather has turned cold I have been there 5 – 6 times a week! If weather permits as it does (April – October usually) I work out at Chamberlin Park walking the track.

      • That’s excellent, Joanie! I would love to have a 24-hour facility to go to! I love walking outside…the fresh air is amazing. 🙂


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