A Series of Clicks…

Last night I was surfing the Internet and found some things I would like to share.

It all started by checking my e-mail…

I found this, which led me to a fellow friend blogger.  Naturally, I followed the link, which landed me here.  I browsed her blog for a while and stumbled upon a post that directed me here.  This post is a *must* read for anyone who is plus-sized and active.  Sallie has some serious insight into clothes for the plus size runner/walker/jogger.  Thank you, Sallie!  I will be investing in some new workout clothes very soon (as my old ones are starting to fall off), so I am very happy to have come across this post now!

Interesting how checking in with one blogger friend will land you with two new ones, huh?  Can I just take this moment to say how much I love blogging?

The last thing I want to mention right now is…
CONGRATS to J. over at 52 Weeks, 52 Pounds!!!!  He met his first goal of losing 52 pounds, which is *very* exciting!!!  The best part is he did not even need all 52 weeks to get it done.  This week was his 23rd week, so he has plenty of time to spare.  His newest challenge/goal is being implemented immediately, so GOOD LUCK J.!  I am certain you will rock this one out, too!


2 responses to “A Series of Clicks…

  1. Thanks!

    And lol – I love the mouse surfer pic!

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