Victory…and a celebration?

Happy {late} Halloween, everyone!  My girlies and I had a *wonderful* time trick-or-treating with friends.  My older daughter was a midnight fairy, and my younger daughter was an adorable little clown.  It was a fabulous night weather-wise here in Cincinnati as well.  We just could not have asked for more.

So, I know a lot of people have anxiety about the holidays (including Hallowen) with all the extra “goodies” lying around…calling out to you (“eat me,” “I taste yummy,” and all of that).  I, too, was wondering (would not call it anxious, though) how I would fare with all the sweet stuff.  I am *proud* to say I am not tempted.  Not even a little bit.  Here’s why:

Last night after my girlies were in bed (and I was back from the gym.  Yes, after trick-or-treating for two hours I went to the gym and did my *full* routine anyway) I was sitting face-to-face with two giant bags of candy.  Usually this is where I dive in, spread everything out on the coffee table, and pretend like I am doing my chicklets a favor (by eating half of their candy).  Not last night.  I did not dump, spread, or do them any favors (LOL).  Instead, I peeked into one bag, pulled out a single Reese cup and unwrapped it.  As I sat there staring at it, I started to wonder.

“Do I *really* want to eat this?”
“Will it even taste as good as I think it will?”
“What if it *does* taste as good as I think it will?”
“Will I want another one…and then another…and then another?”
“Is it worth it to be so consumed in thought over *one* Reese cup?”
“Am I crazy for sitting here having an imaginary conversation with myself over a single Reese cup?”

After several minutes of back and forth with myself, I broke the Reese cup in half (and stared some more).  {Since I have never shared this…I used to *LOVE* Reese cups.  I mean *L*O*V*E* them – in a scary, this-girl-needs-help kind of way}  Finally, I broke the half in half and tasted a corner.  You know what?  It was not even good.  I did not even eat that Reese cup.  Honest.  What I *did* do, though, was eat a mini (you know, those tiny square candy bars) 3 Musketeers.  It was better than the Reese cup, but it was not as good as I remember it either.

Today was no problem.  I have not gone back into the candy bags.  Nor do I want to.  I am really proud of myself.  Really.  I feel like I have conquered a small (but significant) part of my battle against food.  I can say no and stick to it.  I do not *need* candy or anything else junky to get through my days.  That makes me feel good.

Oh – and about that celebration…

I am inching up on 50 whole pounds lost, and I think I want to celebrate.  I have not figured out exactly what I am going to do just yet, but I will think of something.  As part of my celebration, though, I am thinking about walking in the Holiday in Lights 5K.  That would be something new, fun, and a great way to really build a foundation for the “new” (healthier, more active) me.  The real trick is finding someone to walk it with me…

How was your Halloween?


5 responses to “Victory…and a celebration?

  1. congrats! I love reese’s too. I got through the whole time without candy other than some very sweet clementine oranges 🙂 gave it all away

    • I would totally give all our candy away if I didn’t have to wrestle two little girls to do it – LOL The really funny thing is…they’re not even allowed to eat a ton of candy anyway. True story:

      Tucked away in the back of our pantry there was a bag of candy tied up (like in a plastic shopping bag). I found it as I was putting away my chicklets’ bags of candy. Want to guess what it was? Last year’s Halloween candy – no joke. LOL Proof that my kids will eat a piece or two of candy for a couple days…then it will just sit in my pantry until I remember to throw it away. 🙂


  2. Erica,
    That is so awesome about the candy and the 50 pound mark! I found the same thing about two months ago I allowed myself some candy–I really don’t like my favorites anymore. I was very happy about that too. Once you have eaten healthy for a while you just don’t want junk anymore. Oddly, and apple tastes way better than any candy bar. 🙂

    • I could not agree with you more, Shonnie! I love apples. My favorites right now are the honeycrisp apples…they are juicy, crisp, and sweet. Yummy. I usually pair apple slices with some natural peanut butter. (Which took some getting used to, by the way, since there is no anything in natural peanut butter other than peanuts. LOL)


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