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Challenge – Week One

Last week I mentioned adding a new challenge to my journey – pushups and crunches.  I was going to add my weekly summary to my weigh in post today, but I was so bummed about the stupid weigh in that I completely forgot.  So, here it is:

The first week went smoothly.  I am looking forward to week two, and I am anxious to see progression here.  Recently I mentioned problems with neck strain during crunches, but with all this practice I must be improving.  My neck really does not feel all that sore after doing all those crunches.  With practice, I am sure it will not be sore at all.

Another friendly blogger is participating in this challenge, too.  He is a week ahead of me.  You can see how he’s doing here.


Weigh Day (week thirteen)

So, here we are.  The moment I have been waiting for…and not in a good way.  After all of my personal celebration this week over the inches I have lost, the scale knocked me back into reality.

When I stepped onto the scale this morning (anxious to see if I passed my next goal of 275) I glanced down in shock and horror.  So, I moved the scale and tried again…and again…and again.  The numbers never changed.  277.8 this morning, which is 1.2 pounds UP from my weigh in last week.  Most of you can understand how frustrating that is…and I am trying *really* hard not to let it get me way down, but that is hard.  I am so upset, honestly.  I worked my hiney off this week.  I ate everything good, nothing bad.  I worked out at the gym four days, and at home/outside two days (today will make the third day of working out at home).  Sigh.

I am trying to convince myself that next week will be better (scale-wise, of course).  I keep repeating in my head that I have lost over 40 inches and that I am doing good, but it does not seem to provide any solace (right now anyway).

I knew this day would come, I knew it.  Now the real obstacle is how I  handle it going forward.  Usually I would give up, but I do not feel much like doing that.  I cannot imagine sitting on my butt watching television eating in the middle of the night.  The thought honestly makes me feel a little sick to my stomach.  I certainly cannot imagine the thought of not hitting the gym tomorrow evening…I always look forward to that.  So, I guess I just keep on going, and see what next Sunday brings.

Although, if I am being 100% honest, I see myself getting on the scale before next Sunday.  The anticipation would just drive me crazy.

How did your week turn out?


Fitness {re}Evaluation

Thursday night I met with Ebony to evaluate my progress since I have been meeting with a personal trainer.  They took measurements on 8/10 from all over my body.

To be honest I was a little nervous about the measurements.  I wondered how I would feel if they showed I had not lost any inches…or just a few.  I have been working *so* hard I expected huge losses.  Let me just say I was *not* disappointed.

I had taken four measurements myself when I first started (within a week of starting anyway).  Here are *my* initial measurements:

Arms (biceps) = 18.5″
Thighs = 37″
Calves = 20.5″
Waist = 52″

Of course, when the gym did their measurements they included more:

Bust = 54.5″
Shoulders = 54″
Hips = 58.75″

So, are you ready to see the craziness that is my *recent* measurements?  Really?

Biceps = (R 17.75″ / L 16.75″)
Bust = 52.25″
Shoulders = 52.75″
Waist = 41.25″
Hips = 57.5″
Thighs = (R 29″ / L 27.25″)
Calves = 18″

That is a *total* of 40.75″ – which I think is just amazing.  Really.  I thought I was going to squeak out loud in the middle of the gym.

Additionally, she evaluated how I am doing on the weights:

Leg press = 360 lbs. (10 reps)
Chest press = 170 lbs. (10 reps)
59 crunches in 60 seconds
Flexibility = 4.5″ past my feet

All of these numbers show serious improvement as well, so (needless to say) I am very excited!  Of course, tomorrow is weigh day, so at this moment I am a little anxious too.  I wonder if I will ever get past that apprehension?

How is your week shaping up?  Have you taken steps this week to help you meet your goal(s)?


Pushups and Crunches

So, I was perusing some of my favorite blogs, and I came across this post.  This challenge intrigued me – a lot.  So much, in fact, that I am going to join the fun!

Here is more information:
100 Pushups
200 Crunches

I took the initial test for both today.  I did have to do the pushups on my knees because a “real” pushup just kills my back.  (I have a herniated disk in the lumbosacral spine)

My results:
22 pushups
67 crunches

I was surprised by how low my pushup count was.  I really thought I could easily do 30, but that just leaves *lots* of room for improvement.  I was equally surprised by how high my crunch count was.  I do not normally do that many crunches at once.  Typically I do rounds of 20 crunches.

My pushup count landed in the Rank 3 category, which apparently is pretty common (so I guess I should not feel so bad).  My crunch count landed me in the “very good” category (yeah me!).

I am going to do a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday routine.  That should work perfectly with my Monday, Wednesday, Friday gym routine (except that I meet my personal trainer on Thursdays, too).  I am really excited about this challenge, honestly.

I’ll let you know how my first day goes (tomorrow).


Weigh Day (week twelve)

This week has been *insane* – to say the least.  My older daughter’s birthday is today.  We had her party yesterday.  I had 60 RSVPs, so I was running around frantically baking cake, icing cake, gathering games, making prize baggies, stuffing the pinata, and more.  Of course, only about a third of those RSVPs showed up.  If only I had known…my life could have been so much more calm this week.

Anyway…I had a tiny piece of cake yesterday.  That was the first time cake has passed my lips in about three months.  It was alright, but I certainly did not love it as much as I did three (or four or five) months ago.  Strange thing how that happens.  I suppose that shows lifestyle change has been successful.  Yeah me!

So, on to my weigh in.  I have been anticipating this morning’s weigh in all week because this is usually the time when I start to notice the weight creeping back up, but not today.  I weighed in at 276.6!  That is exactly three pounds down from last week.  My total loss is 35.4 pounds in 12 weeks.  Yeah me!

I am really excited, and I cannot wait to hit the gym tomorrow!  I have been working on some new machines, which I really love.  I have felt sore muscles a few times this week, which always makes me feel good.  Tomorrow is legs and abs (and, of course, cardio).  I think I am going to add some time to my cardio routine, though.  I was pretty consistent for a couple weeks on the elliptical (2.25 miles in 30 minutes).  This past week, though, I have noticed my distance climbing (2.27, 2.31, and 2.41 miles in 30 minutes).  My goal is to add five minutes this week.

How did you wrap up your week?  What are you looking forward to this week?