Weigh Day (week sixteen)

Hello, weigh day!  I was not even the slightest bit anxious today to hop on the scale…probably because I have been weighing just about every day this week (since last week’s weigh in had me all in a “tizzy”).

So, my final weigh in number this morning?  Let’s all say this together…”Hello 260’s!!!”  That’s right!  My “official” weigh in for the week is 269.8, which is just *crazy* if you ask me.  That is four pounds down from last week’s weigh in, which brings my total to 42.2 pounds in sixteen weeks.  An average of 2.64 pounds each week.  Not too shabby…if I do say so myself.  I am getting more excited to reach the 50-lb lost mark, though.

If I am being completely honest, though, this all seems a little surreal to me still.  I mean, just a few short months ago I was more than 40 pounds heavier.  I was feeling horrible most days, my back was hurting, my ankle was hurting, I was having headaches *all* the time…I was miserable (in every way).  How amazing is it that I have lost about 14% of my body weight in *only* 16 weeks?  How amazing is it that I *feel* so much better and have *tons* more energy?  It is amazing to me.

Then – I get to thinking about why I *allowed* myself to be fat for so long.  Why did I not change my life before now?  Why did I allow myself to believe I was just *destined* to be fat forever?  That is what really kills me.  I just do not understand my life before this moment.  Interesting, isn’t it?  I am sure I am not the only one…all of you reading this on your own personal journey to health and wellness probably have that same feeling.  Confusion.  Trying to figure out why in the world you would have ever allowed yourself to miserable, fat, unhealthy, etc.

Oh well…I just take a deep breath…think about how *great* I feel now, and move on.  Those days are long gone!  I am taking my life back – one day at a time.  I am working on my eating habits, exercise habits, and (most importantly) my mental habits.  That awful, nasty little voice in my head is still there but the volume is turned *way* down, and I rarely (if ever) listen to it anymore.  I know I have this.  I know I will do this.  I know I will enjoy the rest of my (longer, healthier) life with my two beautiful little chicklets – being active and adventurous.  Go (healthier) me!  😉

How was your week?


5 responses to “Weigh Day (week sixteen)

  1. Erica, girl, you are outstanding! Serious kudos to you for taking charge and getting it done. I know the feeling myself- looking back, you can’t even believe you lived like that before. I mean, the everyday is still a struggle, but when you realize that each day of good decisions links together over a period of time, weight loss, goals met, new ones set.. it’s awesome! Congrats to you!!

    • Thanks so much! It is awesome, really. I love that I have found others (like yourself) to help keep me motivated, inspired, and enlightened along my journey. What in the world would I do without all my blogger friends? 🙂

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