Eventful Day

Despite its cuteness, this little cloud pretty much sums up my day yesterday.  It was one of those days where I wished I would have just slept through the whole thing…I am sure you know the kind of day I am talking about.

Actually, I guess that is me being a little melodramatic, although it was not a great day.  Here’s why:

1. I found out my trainer, Ebony, either quit or got fired.  Of course I am not going to get the entire story (nor is it any of my business), but it makes me sad.  I love Ebony, and I really love working out with her.  Boo!

2. As I was working out on the machines yesterday evening…sigh…I had a seizure.  Right in the middle of the gym.  Awful.  I absolutely *hate* doing that in public.  HATE.  I was on the ab-twister-machine-thingy (which is not the technical term for the machine, I know) and all the sudden I felt extremely shaky, weak, and a little sick to my stomach.  Que the tunnel vision.  So, I look at my mother, who then starts to panic and says, “Erica, oh God, you are so pale.  Are you alright?”  The next thing I know…waking up looking straight up at the lights with half a dozen people (or more…probably more) standing over me asking a million questions.  Can anyone say “embarrassing” over and over again?  Luckily, my mother prevented anyone from calling 911, which is a miracle to be honest.  Usually in a crowd like the one at the gym last night *someone* calls the squad.  Of course I left the gym as soon as I was able to stand steadily.  I walked with my head down (which doesn’t help much since it is bright, fire engine red with purple streak in the front, by the way) and quickly to the front door.

I ended up having to miss work (mandatory meeting) because I could not drive myself around town.  That stinks.  I am not in trouble with my boss or anything, but I will not be getting paid.  😦

So, how did my night turn out?  Well, here is the part where it gets a *little* better.  After an intermission at home, I went back to the gym to finish my workout.  Yes, I know, that sounds crazy.  My mother begged me not to go back.  The trainers all looked at me like I just grew fifteen more heads as I walked in.  Everyone could not believe that I was up and at it again.  Why should I not have gone back, though?  I recouped at home.  I ate.  I felt better.  I am determined.

I met my new trainer last night.  Her name is Denise, and I think I love her already.  She told me she was going to “take it easy on me” per explicit directions from Dorsey (GM personal trainer).  Although, after about 15 minutes I think she realized I wasn’t going to take it easy (with or without her), and she kicked it up a notch…or five.  By the end of the hour, I was sweating like I have never before sweated in my life.  I was doing P90X exercises with a 10-pound med ball, and I felt fantastic.  When I went to stand up, though, each of my legs felt as though they weighed 500 pounds.  I thought for sure I would be so sore today I could barely move.  Nope.  I feel slightly tender, but not too bad.  So, I will be back at the gym tonight.

Oh, and on a side note…after my “up” weigh in this past Sunday I have been weighing like a mad woman.  Here’s the story:

Sunday – 273.8
Monday – 273.4
Tuesday – 272.4
Wednesday – 271.8
Thursday – 271.0

I still have the rest of today, tomorrow, and Saturday before my “offical” weekly weigh in.  I think I’ll be fine this week.  🙂

How is your week going?  Anything exciting happen to you?


6 responses to “Eventful Day

  1. Way to bounce back

  2. WOWOWOWOWOW! Sorry to hear about that experience. What a day! But you know what? Generally, that’s when life gets a whole lot better. Just wait for it…
    Wishing you all the luck for the coming week. The weekend is almost here!

    • Thanks for the luck! I have been working really hard, and I want to hit 250 by Christmas (which is another 21 pounds away). Here’s to hoping (and more sweating my booty off – LOL). 😀

  3. Wow, tough! Now I feel like a wimp for letting a little virus get in the way of my healthier eating plan.

    • Awww…don’t feel like a wimp! I had lots of people telling me that I should not have gone back – that I should have “listened to body say it needs a break.” However, I am just *so* dang determined to get this weight off, I will not let *anything* hold me back. Sometimes stubborn is a good thing. 🙂

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