Weigh Day (week fifteen)

So, here we are…another weekly weigh in.  Unfortunately, I may be seeing the beginning of an icky pattern.  A pattern where one week I am up, and the second week I am down.  How frustrating that is going to be (if it continues)…

My weigh in this week was 273.8, which is only 0.4 pounds up from last week.  The fact that it is *any* amount *up* from last week is what gets me, though.

Here is my thought process…
I only worked out three times at the gym this week instead of my usual four.  Ebony had to cancel Thursday night because she was horribly ill.  (Hope she’s feeling better, by the way.)  Wednesday night I met with Dorsey, though, and he K-I-C-K-E-D my butt in under 20 minutes – really.  He was showing me some postural corrective exercises (to fix that strange knee I mentioned earlier), so I thought it would be light and simple – NOPE!  I should have known better, honestly, working out with Dorsey is *never* “light and simple.”  I thanked him for it, though.  After finishing with Dorsey, I did my usual three sets of arms/abs on the machines followed by 35 minutes on the elliptical (2.5 miles).

My muscles were sore through Friday evening when I went to work out the legs and back some more (go figure).  My workout Friday was intense.  I added a few things Dorsey showed me Wednesday to my leg/back routine.  Honestly, it is Sunday, and my legs are still sore.  (Not horribly, but sore nonetheless)

So, I am wondering if working out only three days caused the gain…or if I just added some muscle mass this week, which outweighed my loss.  Either way – I can “explain it away” and it still bothers me tremendously.  Of course this means that I will likely be on the scale tomorrow morning wondering if that “extra” 0.4 pounds is going to go away.  We have a busy day today, so I will be up moving around quite a bit.  Here’s to hoping I weigh in lighter tomorrow.

How did your week turn out?  Have you met any of your goals this week?


5 responses to “Weigh Day (week fifteen)

  1. Hi there,
    It is extremely frustrating, gaining weight instead of losing it, despite all your hard work. I do believe it might be the intense workouts. Whenever I work out too often/too intense, I do not lose anything at all, despite eating really healthily. I think it is just muscle, this weight. Do not give up – you will eventually break this plateau.
    Best wishes to you,


    • Thanks, NavyStar!
      My workouts were certainly more intense this week than they have been in the previous weeks. Like I mentioned, my legs are still sore from the combo of Wednesday and Friday. I rarely get sore after working out, which is something my trainer is concerned about. She is trying to step up the intensity for me because she said I *should* be a little sore at least the day after working out. The soreness is a sign that I broke down muscle tissue, which means it will heal stronger (building new muscle). So, maybe that is what happened this week…new muscle. This same thing happened two weeks ago (only I was up over a pound), but when I weighed in the following week I was down over four pounds…go figure. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. drinking enough water? having ups and downs with salt? That time? – if erratic on the first two that can explain some of it.

    do you keep a detailed log of calories in and out? if you do – compare the weeks. If everything is consistent, then it’s just ups and downs of weight loss or maybe you need to increase intensity etc. if there are differences then fix em.

    • I think I am good on the water. I drink about a gallon (or more) every day. The salt intake varies. According to my cardiologist, I should be consuming *lots* of salt, but I just cannot bring myself to salt everything (ICK!). I have low blood pressure (typically 90/60) and a condition called acute vaso vagal syncope. Basically, my blood pressure bottoms out and my heart stops for a second or two. Apparently, increasing my salt intake can help to regulate the fluids, which helps to keep my blood pressure from dropping so erratically.

      As far as the time of month (tee hee) – that *could* be…but I really don’t know. I have an IUD, which has prevented me from having “that” time since 2007. I assume my body still “cycles,” and that maybe I retain more during one week of the month than any other…but I don’t know for sure.

      I keep a food journal that documents what I eat (minus water) and exercise I am doing each day. That being said, though, I do not try to figure out calories and such. I was doing LoseIt! for a couple weeks, but I grew tired of it quickly. When I was logging, I was eating between 1300 and 1600 calories a day. My eating hasn’t changed, so I assume I am still somewhere within that range.

      I do consistently try to increase the intensity of my workouts at the gym. As soon as I can do 12 consecutive reps (on any machine), I raise the weight by at least 10 pounds (sometimes 20 – depending on the increment on the machine). In the past week I added a machine and a few new exercises (non-machine) to my routine as well.

      Since I know the weight gain will eat at me, I will be getting up on the scale in the morning. I spent about five hours at the Cincinnati zoo today with my chicklets for HallZOOween, which means I walked up and down hills (some pretty steep) for at least four and a half of those hours.

      Thanks for taking the time to offer some advice. I appreciate it! 😉


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