Minor Malfunction

So, today is Thursday, which means I was at the gym with Ebony (yeah!).  I have been talking with her lately about stepping things up (because, apparently, I am anxious to have my butt kicked at the gym), so she did just that today.  I have not sweated so much in the two plus months I have been going to the gym – seriously.  The workout was awesome, though, and I am happy to have worked out so hard.  I bet some muscles are going to be sore in the morning.

While I had her, though, I decided to ask about the leg curl machine I have been using over the past two months.  Whenever I get to about a 45-degree angle, my left leg pivots out at the knee causing my calf and foot to contort while I finish the press.  I am sure I should have asked about it two months ago, but (for some strange and unknown reason) I just never have.  When I demonstrated for Ebony what my leg did, she looked at me like I just grew another head.  She had never seen anyone’s leg do that before…go figure.  So, she asked me what would happen if I consciously tried to turn my foot inward while pressing to counteract that “flip out thingy” (as she so astutely put it).  When I tried that, I could not move my leg past the 45-degree angle – I mean absolutely could not.  Puzzled, she went to her boss.

Know what?  I have a joint problem – my knee.  Apparently it is some sort of “postural defect in the joint” (says Dorsey – GM personal trainer for my gym).  So, they advised (strongly) against me using that machine anymore (boo!), and Dorsey said he will meet with me next week to show me some corrective exercises to help with the joint malfunction.

Now that I am sitting here at home thinking about it, I wonder if it has anything to do with my back.  I have a herniated disc in my lumbosacral spine, which deviates to the left.  When my disc acts up, which is about every stinking day, my left leg and butt check are the first places I feel it.  I wish I would have thought to ask that when I was still at the gym.  Oh well, I will be back there tomorrow and, hopefully, I will ask then.

How is your week coming along?


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