Photo Sharing

I wanted to share some “extra” photos I have.

This is *the* biggest strawberry I have ever seen in my life. My older daughter insisted we buy the batch this came in just so we could be the ones to eat it.

I just *had* to put it next to something so you could understand just *how* big this thing was!

Just to give you an idea - this is a standard size Eggo waffle covered by our giant strawberry.

Have you ever seen such a giant strawberry?  How in the world do they get to be *that* big?  Crazy.

This is what I had for lunch the other day. I will share the recipe with you all in the next couple days. It was yummy, but I would tweak the recipe slightly if I make it again.

I have been trying new recipes from my “diet” cookbooks…and I’ve been happy with the results so far.

I made this for my girlies and I yesterday morning for a special breakfast. I have never had a puffed pancake, but it was quite good (and quite filling). I will share this recipe shortly also.

I also wanted to mention that I hopped my hiney on the scale this morning (because the gain was driving me crazy)…276.2 (which is 1.6 pounds down from yesterday’s weigh in and .4 down from last week).  I have no idea what in the world happened yesterday morning, but at least I am underneath last week’s weigh in now.  That makes me happy – even if it is less than 1/2 a pound less.  Less is less.  🙂


One response to “Photo Sharing

  1. Oh, there were lots of such giant strawberries in the summer after Chernobyl disaster… Though, nobody ate them because of radioactivity, haha. I guess in your case you were just lucky to buy such a big one, it looks extraordinary.

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