Challenge – Week One

Last week I mentioned adding a new challenge to my journey – pushups and crunches.  I was going to add my weekly summary to my weigh in post today, but I was so bummed about the stupid weigh in that I completely forgot.  So, here it is:

The first week went smoothly.  I am looking forward to week two, and I am anxious to see progression here.  Recently I mentioned problems with neck strain during crunches, but with all this practice I must be improving.  My neck really does not feel all that sore after doing all those crunches.  With practice, I am sure it will not be sore at all.

Another friendly blogger is participating in this challenge, too.  He is a week ahead of me.  You can see how he’s doing here.


3 responses to “Challenge – Week One

  1. Congrats Erica! Looks like a good week of working out. 😀

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