Fitness {re}Evaluation

Thursday night I met with Ebony to evaluate my progress since I have been meeting with a personal trainer.  They took measurements on 8/10 from all over my body.

To be honest I was a little nervous about the measurements.  I wondered how I would feel if they showed I had not lost any inches…or just a few.  I have been working *so* hard I expected huge losses.  Let me just say I was *not* disappointed.

I had taken four measurements myself when I first started (within a week of starting anyway).  Here are *my* initial measurements:

Arms (biceps) = 18.5″
Thighs = 37″
Calves = 20.5″
Waist = 52″

Of course, when the gym did their measurements they included more:

Bust = 54.5″
Shoulders = 54″
Hips = 58.75″

So, are you ready to see the craziness that is my *recent* measurements?  Really?

Biceps = (R 17.75″ / L 16.75″)
Bust = 52.25″
Shoulders = 52.75″
Waist = 41.25″
Hips = 57.5″
Thighs = (R 29″ / L 27.25″)
Calves = 18″

That is a *total* of 40.75″ – which I think is just amazing.  Really.  I thought I was going to squeak out loud in the middle of the gym.

Additionally, she evaluated how I am doing on the weights:

Leg press = 360 lbs. (10 reps)
Chest press = 170 lbs. (10 reps)
59 crunches in 60 seconds
Flexibility = 4.5″ past my feet

All of these numbers show serious improvement as well, so (needless to say) I am very excited!  Of course, tomorrow is weigh day, so at this moment I am a little anxious too.  I wonder if I will ever get past that apprehension?

How is your week shaping up?  Have you taken steps this week to help you meet your goal(s)?


7 responses to “Fitness {re}Evaluation

  1. wow those are some decent weights – don’t often see women doing anything near 170. heck I dont even see most of regular joe’s breaking 110 on the chest press.

    • It’s funny you say that because Ebony always calls me a monster! LOL She said I lift more than any female she’s ever seen. Honestly, though, I thought she was just saying that to make me feel good…maybe not. 😉

      • Assuming those are weight machines rather than free weights (which would make them even more monster).

        At the gym I consider myself completely not-buff but I do push it. So I am doing about 365 on the leg press and about 210 on the chest press (4×5 on each). The other non-buff guys I seeing do those machines – rarely break into the 150s on leg and most of them stay in the 90-110 range on the chest. And that’s mostly guys. The women are usually doing less, tho I don’t see a lot of women on the chest press.

      • Oh – they’re definitely all machines. I would be too afraid to do free weights at this point.

        My trainer told me that doing the chest press will help decrease my bust line (not by a significant amount, but by some). I would love nothing more than to not be *so* big chested, so if I can decrease it even by a few inches – I’m all in. 😉 I suppose it is working…I lost 2.25″ on my bust line from 8/10 to 10/6. I’m not sure if I can really hope to lose much more, but I like the chest press. So, I doubt I’ll stay off that machine.

        Now that you mention it, though, I rarely see other women on that machine. I never really paid much attention before. I am usually so focused on my own workout (and the occassional hot fella) to notice much else. 🙂


  2. It’s impressive! You should be proud of yourself, you’re really shrinking but getting stronger at the same time. Congrats!

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