Weigh Day (week eleven)

As you know (if you read last week’s weigh in) this week’s weigh in was a little more meaningful than any week previous.  I was at a weight that I have not been able to get below in nearly six years…and that was stressing me out.

So, with anticipation and anxiety all welled up inside my body, I stepped onto the scale this morning.  What I saw when I looked down both excited and disappointed me – all at the same time.  Can you believe that?

I weighed in at 279.6, so the excitement comes from *finally* being below 280.  However, the disappointment comes in because I only lost a single pound this week.  I worked *so* hard, and I did not eat anything I should not have (or in quantities that I should not have).  I can’t help but wonder what went wrong…

So, enough of that negative talk (coming from that horrible peanut gallery I mentioned in another post)… I wore a pair of khaki capris this week (yesterday, as a matter of fact) that I have *never* worn before.  I bought them back in the summer of 2009 because I thought they were my size, but they were not.  I could not even pull them up past my thighs, which completely depressed me.  Yesterday, I grabbed them just to see what would happen… I pulled them all the way up (with ease), buttoned them, zipped them, and then did a little happy dance.  They were even a teensy bit baggy in the waist and thighs, which totally shocked me.  I consider this a victory.

Also, I mentioned before that I was able to move my bra in to the middle row of hooks a couple weeks back… to add to that, I had to adjust my shoulder straps this week (tighten them) because they were falling off my shoulders.  I consider this a victory as well.

Well, there you have it…my successes for the week.  Overall, I would say the week was a good one (despite the only-one-pound-loss sadness).  I will work hard this week to ensure I continue to see that number dropping each week.

How did your week turn out?  When you have an unexpected result, how do you keep yourself motivated and positive?


4 responses to “Weigh Day (week eleven)

  1. You should not feel disappointed – in fact you should celebrate your victory. You are doing well and should focus on that. Focusing on the positive is what helps me keep motivated. And remember, the thinner you become, the slower the pounds will come off.

    • I know you’re right, Colline. I also keep trying to tell myself that I did work hard this week. So hard, in fact, I am certain I gained some muscle mass, which would account for not losing 2+ pounds this week. This is right around the time I would have given up before, but not this time. I am definitely still struggling with maintaining a positive outlook all the time, but I refuse to let those negative thoughts overrun me anymore. 😉

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Girl! You realize that you’re now losing inches and replacing fat with lean muscle mass, right? AND you still lose a pound and are now down to a new number range- SO FANTASTIC! Good for you! Great post. Here’s to another wonderful week.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I am trying really hard to focus on the positives – and you named them all! 😉 I am proud of myself, and I certainly have not given up (nor will I). I do; however, hope to see at least a 2-pound loss on the scale this weekend – LOL.


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