Adventures of PT

Working with a personal trainer has been an adventure, honestly.  Each week we do something different, and I like that.  I enjoy knowing that every time I go I will learn a new set of exercises, and that I will be pushed in a new, challenging way.

That does not mean; however, that I do not occasionally wonder what in the world this lady is trying to do to me.  I found myself saying, “I don’t think I can…” or even, “I can’t…”  The problem with that is I am only limiting myself.  Ebony (personal trainer now – Vanessa left to coach basketball) is not the one suffering from my negative thoughts – that’s only me.

So, let me say, though, that I was not trying to be a complete pain in the ass last night.  My ankle makes me *very* nervous.  I am still in a brace, and it still hurts every single day.  I am certain I have mentioned previously that I injured the tendons in my right foot/ankle back in March.  My peroneal tendons are still damaged, though.

Because of my ankle I refused (yes, refused) to do jumping jacks.  I also hesitated to do lunges with arm curls.  Maybe I should not have given Ebony a hard time, but I am so worried that I will damage my ankle worse than it already is.  The potential of surgery is still on the table (depending on how my ankle does after another 5 or 6 weeks in this brace), and that makes me nervous.

My plan going forward; however, is to trust Ebony.  She knows I have a brace on my ankle (obviously), and she knows it still hurts.  So, I am going to trust that she would not ask me to do something that would hurt me.  This is me relinquishing control and trusting another person (which is a challenge for me in itself, by the way).

My workout was great, though.  I really felt my muscles working hard, and I am a teeny bit sore this morning in a few places (thighs and upper arms).  She taught me four or five new exercises last night, all of which I enjoyed and will do at home on my non-gym days (Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday).  The routine included four types of crunches that worked various groups of the abdominal muscles.  I can honestly say they were crazy.  Crunches usually do not bother me, but adding leg movement into the mix certainly kicked it up a notch (or two or three).  I liked it.

Quick question for all you out there who do crunches.  I have a problem with my neck muscles hurting when I do crunches.  Ebony told me I am straining my neck.  She also told me to support my neck with my hands, which I tried.  However, my neck still gets sore.  Any of you out there have any tips on how to avoid neck discomfort when crunching?

Weigh day is coming soon.  I will be honest, excitement and a little apprehension are lingering around in this head of mine.  I need to post some pictures of me to show my progress.  Maybe I’ll do that on weigh day?


2 responses to “Adventures of PT

  1. Journey 2 perfect body

    A while ago I also wondered why my neck hurts when I’m doing crunches. In my case, it was your trainer’s mentioned straining- I was actually doing that. It took me some time to learn how to relax my neck having just the right amount of muscle tension and I never had soreness since then. If you’re still not sure how to do that- ask Ebony for more help, maybe she can demonstrate you how to keep your head while crunching and take a good look how you’re doing it.

    • Thanks – I am going to have to ask Ebony again I suppose. She laid on the floor next to me, and demonstrated. I *thought* I was doing exactly what she did, but obviously not because my neck still hurts when I crunch. I wonder if it has anything to do with how out of shape those muscles are. I haven’t done crunches consistently in probably a decade (or more), so they are *way* out of practice.

      Thanks again!

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