Weigh Day (week ten)

Weigh days used to cause such anxiety and apprehension.  These last few weeks; however, I am really just getting more and more excited to weigh in.  Today was no exception.  I weighed in at 280.6, which is 3.2 pounds lost this week (31.4 in ten weeks).  I could not be happier.

I finally feel like I am winning this battle.  The battle I have lost, consistently, for 14 years.  The battle against the fat me, the unhealthy me.

To be honest, I still find myself a little anxious about the numbers on the scale.  As I mentioned before, I have not been under 280 in *many* years (about 5.5, in fact).  So, as I inch closer to being below 280 I still have a negative voice whispering bad things.  The difference is…this time I am *not* listening!  Next week I will be weighing in, and I *will* be below 280.  I also suspect that I will be hitting my next goal of 275 very soon, which means another reward for myself (yay!).  In fact, I am so close to reaching my last incremental goal that I really should start thinking about my next set of “pound goals” and rewards to go along with them.  Crazy.

How did your week turn out?  Are you where you wanted to be right now?  If not, what can you do this week to get yourself there?


9 responses to “Weigh Day (week ten)

  1. Well done!It is exciting when you see your efforts bearing fruit 🙂

    • I must admit, it *is* really great to see (and feel) the results I have been working so hard for. My mom still thinks I am crazy because I just love going to the gym so much (she hates it). I would go seven days a week if my life allowed it. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  2. Hi Erika,
    My week turned out great. Today is day 60 of my 60-day juice fest (not fast!). I used this juice fest to break thru my bad food habits and cravings. Lost 29#s and about 28″. Also, as you say, exercise is key. I’m doing Power 90 by BeachBody and am looking forward to week 2 of the C25K program to take me from couch potato to 5k (3.1mi) in 9 weeks.
    Let’s go, girl, we can do this!!!

    • Sounds like you are also kicking butt! 😉 That is awesome! I have considered juicing several times, but I do not have the money (just yet) for a good, quality juicer. Is the Power 90 the same as that P90X I have been hearing so much about? I have heard that workout is *intense* – but amazing. Tomorrow is Monday, which means I am back in the gym…and I can’t wait!


  3. I’m using a Hamilton Beach Wide Mouth juicer we got at Walmart for under $40 a few years ago. it’s not the best yet I’ve been researching various more expensive models and they all have their drawbacks. This one suits me because I get lots of juice, its super easy to assemble & use (wide mouth means very little prep) and super easy to clean. I don’t have kids, but with my juicing, my monthly grocery bill went down 59% (!!!!) ‘course I was getting most of my kale from our garden.
    Power 90 came before P90X (I bought it through an infomercial 5-yrs ago – how sad is that?) It more for people like me who are not athletes. They still sell Power 90 on the BeachBody website, or you could pick up the DVDs used on Amazon or eBay. It has helped me TREMENDOUSLY to really shape & trim my body as I’m losing. In addition, what I’m really excited about right now is adding the C25K program. Don’t know if you said how old your girls are, but it might be a wonderful thing for the three of you to do together. I hated running/jogging even as a kid, but I need to break away from old slug me into new fit me.
    Isn’t it great to be doing and not just wishing?

    • Thanks for the info! My daughters are still young (6 & 3), so I’m not sure they’d be up for running/jogging in the park (versus going down the slides and swinging). I doubt I would be able to run/jog at this moment anyway, though. Back in March I tripped in my basement, which resulted in some serious tendon damage in my right foot. I actually tore (partially) my achilles, peroneals, and plantar fascia (yup, I’m an overachiever, apparently). I was on crutches for about 8 weeks, then physical therapy for another 8 weeks (maybe more, I cannot even remember). Unfortunately, I’m still not completely rehabilitated. The achilles and plantar fascia are perfectly fine, but the peroneals are still causing quite a bit of pain, swelling, and reduced movement. Currently, I am in a brace (like a removable cast). My podiatrist says I’ll probably be in the brace for another 2 months (minimum). I may still even require surgery. Of course, that did not (and will not) stop me from going to the gym. I figured any weight I can lose may just help the tendon heal. If not, losing weight should certainly make recovery from surgery easier. 🙂

      The next time I am at Wal-Mart I am going to check out the juicers. I can certainly swing $40.

      Thanks again!


  4. Well done on the weigh in!! Your overall loss is spectacular! Nice to be excited about it hey!

    • Thanks so much, Cory! I just keep waiting for it to slow *way* down. I can’t imagine I will keep a 2 to 3 pound loss each week for much longer, you know? For now, though, I sure am super excited! 😉


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