Sickness = Hurdle

So, I woke up this morning feeling stuffy.  My face hurt a little and my sinuses felt dry.  All day my body has felt strange, not bad or sore, just strange.  Of course, I went to the gym anyway…because I love it.

A few people have told me you should not workout when you are sick.  Have any of you heard this?  Also do you have any kind of explanation or grasp on just how “sick” you have to be to skip the gym?  I was not running a fever or throwing up, so I thought going to the gym was no big deal.  However, after trying to lift what I would normally, I felt it in my muscles (weakness).  I ended up reducing the weights and my reps in order to get my whole circuit in.  I still did fine on the elliptical, though, and it did not bother me even slightly.

Also I am not with the whole medication thing, so does anyone have any knowledge of natural “helpers” to kick a head cold?

Here’s to hoping I am feeling better tomorrow because I meet with my trainer at 6:30 PM.

How is your week going?  Are you still on the right track?


4 responses to “Sickness = Hurdle

  1. Hi… this is my first visit to your blog. The title >> A Food Addict is so me and that is the cutest cartoon ever. Hope you feel better soon and if you are not feeling well it’s okay to ease up on the exercise for a bit. FatGirlUSA a.k.a. Bridgette

    • I am definitely a food addict (or at least a recovering addict). It took me a long, long time to realize just how unhealthy my relationship with food was. It’s insane, really, that I didn’t acknowledge that a long time ago. Owning that has really changed my life – in so many ways. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Journey 2 perfect body

    I’ve heard that unless you have a fever or running nose (it would annoy not only you but others also) it’s completely okay to go to the gym with a slight cold. Of course, you still need to think with your head- if it’s too hard maybe you should come back home. I believe your actions were completely right 🙂

    There are lots and lots of natural ways to help yourself with a cold but it depends a lot of the very nature of a sickness. The most basic ways are to: 1)to keep yourself warm (especially, feet) 2)drink lots of fluids (preferably hot, a tea with honey would help a lot) 3)rest (that means not only resting your body as quick as you feel tired but also resting mentally- avoiding stress and keeping yourself in a good mood).
    To mention ALL the natural methods which help would take lots of space and time so if you’re still interested- ask more specifically! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the information, Love. My trainer also mentioned the fever last night. She said that is one huge factor that should prevent working out. It has to do with your body’s core temperature raising too quickly (or too much).

      The warm thing is something I can try. Typically (even right now) I’m in just a T-shirt and shorts…no socks or shoes or houseslippers. I actually even leave my feet out of the covers at night. I’ll have to dig around in the kitchen to see if I have any tea. I usually drink only water – nothing else – all day (over a gallon throughout the day).

      I agree rest is a big factor. I read a study (cannot remember where for the life of me now, of course) that linked the amount of sleep a person gets to his or her weight. The less sleep a person gets, the more he or she (typically) weighs. Since I started my lifestyle change I have been making myself go to bed much earlier than I used to, and I can definitely tell a difference. I suppose I should be letting myself rest a little more during the day, though, until I’m feeling better.

      Thanks again!

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